Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Save the Whales

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) first established in 1987, is a leading global charity that is dedicated to defending whales as well as dolphins from the threats they face including: hunting, captivity, pollution, climate change as well as entanglement in fishing nets and ship collisions.

Working together with Sea Life, WDCS campaign to stop the threats, educate and inform the public and support and advise governments and organizations on important issues surrounding the whale, backed up by scientific, legal and ethical arguments.

Despite there being an international ban on commercial whaling, since 1986 30,000 whales have been killed. Japan, Norway and Iceland kill more than 2,000 whales each year for their meat and the international trade in whale products is expanding, there is also a growing pressure for the ban to be lifted. WDCS together with SEA LIFE are fighting for a final end to whaling, deeming it cruel, unsustainable and unnecessary.

As well as working to stop illegal whaling SEA LIFE along with WDCS believe that whales should not be kept in captivity of any kind. The captivity industry threatens whale populations in the wild and inflicts cruelty on thousands of individual whales as they suffer; confined in an natural environment and unable to roam freely, forced to live a life of deprivation. WDCS are forming a petition aimed at MEPs to persuade them to shut down whale attractions in Europe and are campaigning for tougher regulations to protect both whales and dolphins and to educate the public of the impacts of captivity.

WDCS are committed to protecting the seas and oceans where the whales and dolphins live to ensure their future and are working on creating 12 large safe havens for the whales and dolphins over the next few years around the world. These Marine Protected Areas will protect vulnerable and endangered populations and there will be a safe haven area in the UK at the Hebrides which is home to the minke whale, as well as numerous dolphins and basking sharks.

Many fund-raising events are held throughout the year with July and August being important months for the public to make a stand and help these animals by raising money through sponsored abseiling, a sponsored 3-5 mile family walk called Walk for Whales and Save the Whales Week which hopes to raise £10,000 in sponsorship money and fund-raising this year.

At the Oban Seal Sanctuary they are running a Save the Whale event from 4th-11th August 2012 with fun activities for kids and educational talks for parents to highlight the whales plight. The Walk for Whales event which starts from the 11 SEA LIFE Sanctuaries in the UK is expected to be held on Sunday 7th July in 2013.

Don't worry if you have missed any of these events though as there are still things you can do to support the whales and the work that WDCS do whether you donate money, sponsor a whale or become a WDCS member.

Monday, 16 July 2012


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I bought 4 tickets back in February for Madonna at Hyde Park tomorrow.  They haven't come.  With the tickets and my hotel and travel booked I am over £500 out of pocket.  All the emails bounced, when you call you get a message saying "cannot answer due to high volume of calls, call back later".


Also after some research there are some other ticket websites to steer well clear of...

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