Monday, 25 April 2016

Electronic Cigarettes Vs Smoking

I have recently been trying out electronic cigarettes. I haven't fully stopped smoking cigarettes but I have cut down quite a lot. That is the next step.  First I am trying to get my head round all the terminology surrounding e-cigs and vaping.  Having done some google searches I came across a site that answered a lot of my questions:  They have a page which explains all the terminology here

After reading around I realised I should start with a basic starter kit.  I followed the advice found on this e cigarette starter kit page and ended up buying the Aspire e Cigarette Starter Kit.   So far so good.  It comes with 5 coil heads which I haven't needed to use yet, but it is early days.  From what I have read I will know when the coil needs changing because the vapor production will be reduced and it might leak or make gurgling noises or a burnt taste.  So far I haven't noticed anything like this but I have my spare coils at the ready.

Liquid wise I am liking  the sweet flavours with bubble gum being my favourite at the moment.  It takes me back to being a child when I used to sneakily smoke and then chew bubble gum to supposedly rid the smell.  Not that it worked.. however the taste of  the bubble gum and the nicotine (12mg) seems to just take me back to those times.  I also used to chew juicy fruit chewing gum which made me wonder if they do an e liquid in that flavour!  A couple of clicks later I have found some so just ordered this juicy fruit eliquid! Excited muchly.

To be fair is all the different flavours which convinced me to try this vaping lark.  I had a go on my sons one and he had parma violets eliquid which tastes just like those little purple sweets from my childhood!  I couldn't stop puffing on it which convinced me this has got to be the way to do.  Lets face it most of us seasoned smokers if we are honest dont really like the taste of tobacoo (well I don't) it is just an addiction.  So if I can stop it by vaping on fruity flavours, surely this is better and the way forward..

I will see how I go and update my progress with another post.  Happy vaping everyone.. I finally get it!