Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Swine!

Im fed up! So much for my dream holiday to Cancun! I don't where where I am going right now and to be honest don't want to go anywhere! I want to go to the resort I booked. If Thomas Cook are flying there when I am due to leave then we are going there, swine flu or not. What are the odds of catching it? Hundreds of people die from flu in this country every year!

Outdoor Garden Furniture

If you live in the UK and are looking for outdoor furniture for you garden you will be looking for durable furniture that can stand the rigours of our British weather. You will also want furniture that is made of material that will keep its colour, be washable and pest and fungus free. There are not many materials which can withstand such a diverse climate as well as keep its colour, but there is one type which is perfect for all climates and that is cane. Outdoor cane furniture has the properties which will keep the furniture looking stylish for years to come and withstand the weather and general ware and tear.

Have you ever been abroad and seen all the beautiful cane furniture outside bars and restaurants? You might have wondered how the chairs and tables stay in such good condition year in and year out. Well it’s because they are made with cane which has been treated to last for years to come. Good quality cane furniture doesn’t come cheap but you are buying quality. One great design company that is a top player in making Outdoor Cane furniture is Skyline Design who is based in the UK but supply worldwide. Their range encompasses dining suites, living suites, daybeds, sun loungers, parasols and sun shades.

You might think that cane is for older people, the type you see in your grandparent’s conservatory. Well think again, these days cane furniture is designed for all ages. You can get some beautiful stylish furniture that looks good in homes as well as gardens. In fact because of its lasting properties and the many stylish designs many people are choosing to have this type of cane furniture in their living rooms.

Any cushions that come with outdoor furniture need to be strong enough to withstand intense sunlight exposure. They also need to be soft and inviting but be resistant to stains fading or mould and pests. Obviously fully washable is another important quality you want from your outdoor furniture. Sunbrela fabrics have all of the above qualities and are generally the most sought after outdoor fabric. They can come in many bright colours and are soft to touch and have all the durable qualities needed for outdoor furniture.

The reason cane is so tough is because comes from the stems of large rattans, which are climbing palms found native to tropical countries. These palms are naturally very tough and are used to extreme weather conditions. The palm is harvested and then boiled to very high a temperature which is done to remove the sap from the bark. Once the sap has been removed the material then becomes flexible which makes it ideal for molding into various shapes. The next process is where the material is cut into strips which can then be intertwined to make all sorts of furniture and baskets.

Outdoor rattan furniture is the latest trend for your garden conservatory or home. It is popping up everywhere and like I said before not just for the garden.

Sophisti-Cane, suppliers of Outdoor Garden Furniture and Day Beds and Chairs.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I'm Good!

Well I have done myself proud yet again. After only 3 weeks working on a site for my new client we have hit the front page for French Gifts. And there was me perparing my client to be patient. Hee hee, I'm chuffed. Also to add to that I have had another SEO enquiry from my website. I am liking this SEO Freelancer milarky!

Useless Information

A new blog..... we all need a bit of useless information in our lives right?

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Trip to Kent

I have just returned from a great trip to Folkestone in Kent. It was great to see all my old friends and family. The weather was great and the beach was beautiful. Looking foward to the summer when can visit for longer.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Property Renovation Derby

The best way to get out of negitive equity is to renovate your home or add an extension. Buy increasing the value of your home by renovating you will not suffer from falling house prices.

Renovations in Derby
Extensions in Derby
Garage Conversions in Derby

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Boutique Provencal

I am pleased to announce I am now activly promoting where you can buy some beautiful French Gifts and French Home Accessories.

To all my followers, please check out the site and get buying some great gifts for your home and family.

Friday, 3 April 2009

New Blog

This blog will be about all things french. Boutique Provencale Blog.

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