Tuesday, 24 November 2020

The Fear of Covid is worse than the Virus

 Last night on the news they were talking about how a vaccine will be available and how we can all breath a sigh of relief.  They mentioned that since the pandemic began over 1.5 million people in the UK got ill with Covid-19 with 55K deaths.  There are apparently 66 million people in the UK. I would guesstimate more like 10 million people caught it.  Regardless of the numbers, I don't want a vaccine thank you very much!  I would rather trust my immune system. Maybe if a few million died I would be more concerned. More than three times that amount die from cancer.

I believe I had it, I coughed for thee months from Jan - March this year,  then it was on the news.  I had been to a funeral in the November last year of a friends husband who died quickly of some respiratory thing, cant remember the label they gave it.  Also another friends mum died in the November very quickly with respiratory issues, and they said it was lung cancer.

Why do we always try to put a plaster on things?  Where is all the money spent on looking into HOW this came about and HOW we can stop the next virus outbreak.  Was it from these wet markets?  Should they be banned?  Was it from some scientific lab? Surely preventing the next outbreak would be money better spent. 

Doctors frigging terrify me.  They are paid to prescribe and its apparently all the people who have been on drugs for underlying issues that this virus is wiping out.  What does that tell us?  That we are a bunch of unhealthy idiots who listen to doctors and take their drugs without question.

If the truth was known, we create 95% of our ill health. There is science and proof to back this. So why isn't this being taught at schools?  Because the country makes money out of our fear and ill health.  You only have to put the news on this year and its all about fear, even adverts pray on spreading fear.  It disgusts me.  Having our civil liberties taken away from us as justification for safety is wrong to me.  I haven't been able to play badminton for a year, but I could go to the fucking pub and drink man made drug substances that will over time give me all the issues to make me high risk from Covid.  Crazy. Oh but I can order FAST food and eat junk so again get me on the high cholesterol drugs and put me at risk one day.  

I can't put the news on or listen to people talking about this virus anymore.  It reminds me of the time after voting in Brexit.  I voted to leave the EU,  but according to some friends I was ill formed.  Well I wasn't, nobody knows what the future holds, Covid proved that. I wanted out the EU and still do.  All the news on TV and radio spreads fear..  I am not paying for a TV licence again 

The pharmaceutical company's are reaping the rewards and will benefit from this mess as they always have. We will all be paying for this for years.  We only just finished paying for the last world war apparently. We are a bunch of unhealthy people being led by a system that doesn't really have our safety or care paramount. It's a system based on fear and mis-information. This is where the fear should be, not of some invisible virus that is surely impossible to contain.  The last one (sars) died down after a couple of year, perhaps we just built immunity to it.  

Having worked from home for 11 years, this was the year I planned to move out and work as an artist in residence at Coalport China Museum.  But 2 floods and Covid put a stop to that.  As I have outgrown my space I am turning this year into a positive and building a  new workshop.  Working from home is great for a few years, but for mental health it can be tricky. I found the only way to get the right balance is by being part of clubs or social groups, and having trips away. So this being taken away has been hard, but compared to others I am very lucky. I will survive.  Switching off from the TV and social helps.

People need to stop watching the news, stop believing everything they hear, stop listening to doctors or at least try to look for the cause first before popping pills. People need to stop blaming other people. We all created it.  We are one, all energy and part of everything that is. We are more powerful than we are being led to believe.  We are all part of the same global energy network which has infinite opportunity.  We all live on this little planet we call earth which we are slowing killing. We have one guarantee in life, we die.  Nothing to be afraid of.  The bits in-between are our choice. 

Roll on 2021.

Rant over.