Monday, 29 February 2016

To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.

I have had a good start to the year to be honest.  I feel like I have got my mojo back!  I am a bit of a work-o-holic and always put work and family before myself.  So this year I decided to plan to do more things for myself and towards my ultimate dreams. I am coming to an exciting new phrase in my life as my youngest is 16 so it won’t be long before I am totally free from parental responsibilities.  Well obviously I won’t stop being a mum, but now it’s my time.  I have always just worked and lived for my kids really.  Now I feel it’s my time to put myself first.

My mojo got a boost early into January when I was really quite down one evening missing my father who died a few years ago.  I was watching some youtube videos about quantum physics and energy ( I love science and anything spiritual) and I came across one about the power of prayer. I am not religious in a so called god per say, but I do believe we are all energy and vibration, so we are all in fact this so called god, not a higher source.  We are the source.  Also I was looking at spiritual retreats and places to visit in peru as this is something I have always wanted to do.  So anyway I thought I would give praying a shot.

Before my dad died I asked him to prove to me that my beliefs were correct and that energy cannot be killed so somehow when you die your ‘soul’ or self sort of lives on.  He promised me under his giggle that he would try.  He was not really a believer.  I did the usual trips to spiritualist churches and spoke to some mediums but nothing gave me the proof I wanted. I told my dad to spook me or talk to me through mediums with something only he and I would know.  He used to call me a silly name and if I ever hear that spoken from a medium I would have a heart attack.  Well there was nothing, no ghost, his sculpture hasn’t never cried (I made a bust of my dad and asked him to make it cry or something silly (we loved the show Only fools and Horses - remember the crying Virgin Mary sculpture)). But nothing has ever given me proof that he is around me.   I stopped believing and became skeptical for the first time in my life.  Anyway out-loud I sort of prayed to my dad and ‘god’ asking to be helped in some way.  I think I had a little tear in my eye as I was feeling so low for some reason.  

The next day I got a surprise in the post when a friend/colleague sent me the book ‘Ask and it is Given’ by Ester and Jerry Hicks. It’s a book on learning to manifest the law of attraction. It was just what the doctor ordered really as for many years I have practiced it but this was a reminder I had stopped.   The book hasn’t really taught me anything I didn’t know but it has been a nice reminder.  For those that don’t know what I am talking about, the law of attraction is a thought philosophy where if you focus on positive thoughts a person brings positive experiences to themselves and visa versa.  That day I made myself take a lunch break and started the book.  The book was the most perfect wonderful perfect timing gift to receive and since that day I have felt 100% better and  like my old self.  You can click here to search on amazon for the book.

The same day I got a phone call off a Shamen healer who is based in Kent and offers trips to Peru. He was looking for some help on his website and the night before I was looking for peru retreats!  It seemed like someone was listening and my prayers were answered immediately!   Coincidence I hear the sceptics cry, well maybe, but maybe I created these coincidences.  I have always wanted to go to Peru as it’s the place for so called 'spiritual awakening'.  It was reading the ‘Celestine Prophecy’ when I was much younger which got me fascinated in Peru and all things spiritual. For me that book made perfect sense and almost like the missing jigsaw piece in my view of the universe.  So getting a call off this shaman learning about shamanism was like the pray answered again.  I am now planning to go on this peru retreat later this year with Andy Wood.  Click here to learn what Shamanism is.

Since that night when I was at a low point the very next day it felt like my prayers were answered.   I have again been using the law of attraction to get what I want out of life.  I am only doing what I have done with every aspect of my life really.  We all create our life and experiences and if your life is feeling pretty crap, you only have yourself to blame.  I was a drop out school at kid, left aged 15 without any qualifications.  By 19 a single mum on benefits. Not the best start in life but by using the law of attraction I have always got what I wanted out of life. There has been plenty of haters and people giving me negative responses when talking about my dreams.  During my degree I was seeing a chap who said I wouldnt get anywhere in IT as its a mans game.  This I proved wrong.  Again with my Art I have always had folk tell me I couldn't success as an artist, well again I am proving them wrong.  I never listen to people and always believe completely and wholehearted in my dreams. 

Those that know me will know I am a budding ceramic artist who would love to earn a living from making and selling art all day everyday. Positive affirmation on way.. I WILL have my own art shop in a busy tourist area such as Iron bridge where I will be making my art of full display as well as selling my art and other art related products.  Well I am already doing quite well and supply my art to a number of outlets and sell them online.  But this year I planned to get more stockists and get out there a bit more.  Currently it’s a part time evening job and more like therapy for me!  It is very therapeutic making and creating art and it has always been a back burner.  Anyway without going into detail I have now got a few more suppliers, I have been featured on the front cover of a couple of magazines and been looking at properties in Iron-bridge.  What this space.  My art can be found here:

Also my kitchen design is soon to be an featured in Style at Home. A freelance journalist said she was looking for creative people who had designed a new kitchen or bathroom.  Well oddly enough is was the stress I went through creating my own kitchen  (read old post here)  which brought me down.  That and loosing a good friend and a coupld of other things which made last year not a great one. I always thought I would buy and sell property and believe I have an eye for design.  Perhaps this feature is a sign that I could be interior designer - another choice i have going forward.  

Another dream I have is visiting more locations around the world on holiday.   I go on holiday with my mate Claire who is a bit of a traveler, she will leave the country at the drop of a hat. We have been to Iceland, Greece, New York and lots of other places.  Our next jaunt is to a two day and 2 night trip to Skellig Islands in South West Ireland.  I have been to Dublin in Ireland before but after seeing the islands on Star War we both decided that would be our next trip.  So we are heading on a Skellig Michael tour with Brit Movie Tours.  Another tour I plan to do is a walking tour in paris by Set in  I went to Paris during an Art Access course years ago and visited all the top sites.  I remember having a very odd experience in Notre Dame and would love to experience it again.  As soon as I walked into the building I felt its energy so much it was breathtaking and I just has to sit and marvel at the surroundings.  It was very peaceful but buzzing. 

I have also been invited to Egypt with a group of friends for a week of sun in April.  I have a friend who seems to love Egypt and every year they go.  I myself wouldn't choose to visit Egypt again as I feel like I have been there done that and want to discover other countries.  But unless I choose to holiday alone, beggars cant be choosers.  Plus its a good crowd and it will be a much needed sunshine break even it if will be my 4th or 5th time to Egypt. 

So its all happening for me this year, but its only because I am creating it.  We all create our lives and have complete control over what we bring into our lives.  Just remember this folks.  If you dont belive me try it yourself.  Remember  ' to accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe'.  Great saying there.  Don't know where it comes from but its so true. Get thinking and creating the life you want to life, I am living proof we can all achieve great things, regardless of where we come from. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How to discipline your teenager

Anyone who has a teenager knows how difficult they can be. They think they know it all and think they are adults but they are not. I have a 16 year old who suddenly thinks he's a man. Up until recently he has always done as he's told. I've always been strict but fair. But suddenly he has started to disobey me. This I wasn't going to put up with. The trouble I have is that at his age I was living in a bedsit with no parents telling me what to do. I could go out come back late stay out and just do what I wanted. So trying to explain to my lad that he is a child and still needs to do what I say as i am legally responsible for him till he is 18 has been tricky.  So what did I do? Well after trying to just explain to him a dozen times each time falling on deaf ears I decided I had to be tougher.  I have always believed in the old saying "you have to be cruel to be kind" so I thought how can I scare him to death so it shocks him enough to realise that if he lives with me I'm still the boss and what I say goes.  So i gave him an ultimation. I told him if he wants to live with me he follows the rules or he can go and live with his father.  At first he didn't believe me and was all cocky saying he would think about it.  Now I know this is the last thing he would want as he isn't that close to him and has said he would hate to live with him and his family. So I knew he was just bluffing. Now I had to really prove I meant it which to be honest I think I did at this point.  I've brought him up on my own without any help and it's not been easy. Part of me would love his father to take some responsibility and let me have a quiet life. So I started to plan for a life without him.  I do have plans that once I am free of kids I will sell up and buy a shop and possibly move back down south. After a few days he came back saying he wants to stay home and will do what I say. I thought this could be short lived so decided to keep up the charade. I told him I would prefer him moving out and explained how good it could be.  I tried to make living with his dad sound fun, saying how he could spend more time with that side of his family and could spend more time with his little brother and he could come see me at the weekends.  I explained how I have moved my plans forward and was looking forward to moving. Well I think this just shocked him, he hated the thoughts I was putting in his head and freaked out a bit but I was consistent and made him believe what I was saying until he broke. So it worked. I guess it was a bit of emotional blackmail really but nothing I said before would get through to him.  He is now back to his old self and a joy to be around doing as he's told. He just needed scaring. So if you have a teenager and you want them to reign them in a bit think of the one thing that they would hate the most and use it.