Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Unethical companies that scam and con people

I have created a facebook page to highlight all the companies online or not which scam and con people.  Please like and share:

Friday, 5 December 2014

Ideas for Mums this Christmas

With Christmas on its way fast I am typically late in getting organised.  Mind you as I type I am half way through a new kitchen install which isn't helping much especially as I work from home.  I think a couple of late night shopping trips will be in order soon.   But I really struggling with gifts for my mum.  There is always her favourite perfume but as this costs less than a £10, its the old cheap stuff, I always feel this isn't enough.  It if was the same price as my favourite pefume (Alien) then I'd feel job done, add a box of chocs and sorted.

So this year I am trying to think out of the box and come up with a fab gift which is better than the rest and i think I have got it.  My mum loves Downton Abbey and I know there are a couple of companies which offer reasonable tours. Brit Movie Tour has a number of tours including a London tour found here:  Great for a day out in London:

Another reason why I have been in a flap about Christmas is because I have been very busy with my little ceramic sculpture business. For those that dont know I am in the process of developing my art and have been making ceramic flower people for about a year now.  I have been doing a few fairs and sales have picked up with Christmas coming.  I have learn t so much over the past year and will be far more prepared for next year.  The dream is to do it as my one and only job.  Currently I have 3 jobs and that is without counting the numerous jobs I do look after my kids and keep the home in check.  I have no manor or servants downstairs unfortunately.

Here are some recent makes which are available from my website:

If your looking for ideas for mums this Christmas why not take a look at my Ceramic Sculptures for Sale. You can follow me on any of the social media sites #cazamic

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Nuando Instant Lift and Bellian Serum SCAM - CON UPDATE

I finally got my money back from these guys but it probably cost me the same in phone calls.   So if you accidentally subscribed and didn't read the 'terms and conditions' and have been charged you CAN get your money back.

When you phone the women and they try to fob you off, ask to speak to there supervisor and dont take no for an answer. Lay it on thick. Explain that yes you made a mistake by not reading the terms and conditions properly but you believe they didn't make it clear enough in the advertisement which is mis selling and THEIR mistake.  Then explain that any legitimate company will put customers first and refund unhappy customers without question.

Threaten that unless you get a refund you will join the growing number of unhappy customers which are coming together to put you out of buiness.

I actually screamed at them down the phone and said I'll make it go viral and put you out of business!

Just to help keep this blog top in google for Nuando Instant Lift Con and Bellian Serum Con, Bellian Serum SCAM and Nuando Instant Lift SCAM, Ill say it one more time.... Nuando Instant Lift Con and Bellian Serum Con, Bellian Serum SCAM and Nuando Instant Lift SCAM!!!!