Friday, 26 April 2013

Miracles can happen

I want to tell the world a wonderful miracle which has happened to my family. I heard about the news while I was on a train to Ottawa on my tour of Canada recently.

I was minding my own businesses looking out the window when I received a text message from my brother Wayne.  He told me he had just spoken to his son Kit, my nephew. I screamed and cried with delight, why? Well my brother had been looking for his son Kit for 17 years.

My brother and his wife (Kits mother) split up when he was a toddler.  I think Kit was aged 3 or 4 when he taken to New Zealand with his mother never to be seen again. Wayne has spent thousands of pounds on private investigators trying to locate his son without luck.  Years past and I think my brother had almost given up hope but then he got a message from a friend telling him that a Kit Clayton was living in Great Yarmouth UK.  Wayne went on facebook and added him, within minutes Kit had accepted his friend request and it wasn't long before the pair spoke for the first time. They met for the first time last weekend and this is the very first picture of them together.  It brings a lump to my throat every time I see this picture:

Kit thought he was all alone in the world, except for his loving partner Jasmin and her family. He has had a rough start in life which I wont go into, but its all good now. And I thought I had it bad!  He now knows he has a lot of family in this country all dieing to meet him. The final jigsaw piece is in place.  I always thought he would return but when his 18th birthday came and went I too thought it would never happen.

Apparently two days before Wayne had found him, Kit had contacted Jeremy Kyle.  Glad that didn't transpire!  It seems Kit had also been looking for him for a few years when he found his dads name on his birth certificate.  He had added a few Wayne Clayton's on Facebook, but sadly none were my brother. 

I am sooooo happy for them both. I have never been so emotional and happy for someone else in my whole life.  I knew I was sensitive but this really knocked me for six!  I couldn't imagine loosing one of my boys so how they are coping is beyond me.  You can see the bond they have just by looking at that picture.  I can't wait to meet my nephew and for him to meet my sons, his cousins, Shannon and Leon.  He is 3 weeks older than my eldest son Shannon and I konw they are going to get on just great.  It really is a miracle, stuff that movies are made off.

The power of Facebook is just truly amazing.   I know so many people that slag of this social network, even though they like to have a nose and read peoples posts and complain about how people post random statuses. Well  if they don't like it they don't have to be apart of it.. But they wont leave it because they are too nosy and like to have a reason moan at all the people who get enjoyment from it. It's a powerful medium as this story just goes to show. I want to say thanks Facebook, you made a miracle happen and without it, it might never have happened.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Back at Slimming World

I am back at Slimming World as all the food I ate over Easter and my holiday to Canada has had its toll!  I brought back some recipes for pancakes and waffles which I have been eating them every day  since my trip.  Now they are a no no! :-(

It will be interesting to see how I get on this time because now I am doing Thai boxing twice a week.  Before when I lost over 2 stone I did no exercise at all and the average weekly weight loss was 1.8 pounds a week. Watch this space!