Friday, 29 July 2011

Brighten Your Home Decor With French Pottery

Accenting your home is an important way for you and your family to feel most comfortable being there. Choosing items for adding warmth and a vibrant environment is a great way to improve the total atmosphere in any room. Learn more about how you can add an inviting aura to every room in your home with French pottery.

The heart of homes lies in the kitchen, making it an area of important and warming choices in decorative items. Brightly painted canisters and dishware can enhance warmth. Consider the rainbow of colors you can add to a china hutch using potteries. You can select a matching set or one that is a mix up of design and colors and choose mathcing French tablecloths. No matter which choice you make, the look you get adds flair to a dining area.

Pitchers and bowls can be used in every room of the house. The decorative appeal of some sets have added to basin tables have an especially unique and personal touch. These are decorative decisions you make that improve the environment in your home. Tying in colors helps to add to the brightness of any room.

The French born design on some potteries can be mimicked in the entire decorative scheme of some rooms. While this is especially true in the kitchen, a bath is another area you might use pitchers, jugs, and unusual bowls. A water jug near the tub is a great accent that is also functional. The large bowl sporting bright painted dots and slashes works well for many purposes in a bath.

Decorated storage pots are the perfect choice for placing out on counter tops and shelves. The lids alone add a unique look that is a far cry from traditional or plastic canisters. Some watering jugs look great as vases for fresh cut flowers. Consider the table setting using differently colored jugs or pots as well.

Outdoor patios are the greatest places for entertaining guests during the warmer months. The picnic table adorned with bright yellow, blue, and green potteries is the perfect way to set the mood for a picnic barbecue party. Choose from assorted styles in plates, serving bowls, and mugs for putting together a fantastic looking summer table.

French pottery designs can help you to present inviting home decor. No matter what your personal tastes might be, you can find the selection of pots, plates, and bowls that is perfect for you and your decorating needs.

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Friday, 1 July 2011

What features can we expect from Google Plus?

You may of heard that Google launched Google+ this week in a bid to try and take over from Facebook and Twitter in terms of social networking.  So what features can we expect from Google Plus?

The Stream is very much like the Facebook News Feed where you can share content and see what friends are sharing.

Circles is a way of dropping and dragging friends into different circles, ie for friend family or co-workers.

Mulitmedia will be effortless to share with a tagging system on photos and an app that allows you to edit photos and add effects. Naturaly it comes with privacy options and sharing features.

Video chat looks impressive. There is a “hangouts” feature which means users can click to start a hangout. You will be taken to an empty room and then your friends will be told you are “hanging out” which temps friends to join you, according to their testing and research. There will be one chat box rather than multiple and ut changes chat screen to whoever is currently talking. The maximum members in any one video hangout are just 10, but users can get on a waiting list and wait for someone to leave.

Sparks is a part of Google+ where people who use social media to consume news will be able to pull stories, videos and other cool content relating to your specific interest. Interesting according to Google, the actual content in the Sparks stream is completely different from the results you'd get if you put the same term into the Google search engine.

Very soon there will be mobile apps for of course the Android which will include access to the Stream, Circles, Sparks and tall the shared multimedia. One feature will see every photo taken on your phone through Google+ will automatically be uploaded to your computer, ready to share. Any images will not be instantly public, you will have to log in and allow sharing. If you don’t do this after eight hours the images will not be available to share. Google+ does have plans to launch mobile apps for other platforms in the near future.

Apart from their search engine Googles successful social product is YouTube, but they just bought this which proved to be the most expensive acquisition in the company’s history.

Whether Google + takes off depends on its usability and its power to draw users and keep them engaged. To beat the popularity of Facebook and twitter is a seriously tall order, but if there was one company that defines the word innovative - its google.

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