Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Stopping Smoking

I have stopped smoking. I am on day 5! Today I am evil! So far so good but being back at work and not having my usual fag breaks is tough. But I will do this.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

RIP James King

Yesturday James King was put to rest and he will be much missed by my family. He was a great guy, really friendly and kind. He was very supportive of me in my life and I will miss him dearly. I know he will be keeping an eye out for me.

Miss you Jimbo! Love ya lots.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lungs on the mend

Had my lungs checked out today and my part collapsed lung seems to be healing! Pheew is all I can say, I want to fly in July and without it healing that would have been a certain no no! Also turns out it was caused by a fall I had coming out of a pub. No I wasn't drunk, I'd had a carvery and a coke and some how managed to miss a step and fell like a lampost on my chest! I think being nearly 6ft and wearing high heals are not a good combo. So I am laying of the heals for a bit...

Friday, 7 May 2010

Things To Do In London

One of the hottest tourist destinations for centuries has been England. With its mixture of old and new it provides a plethora of opportunities without costing a fortune, if one knows where to go. For travelers venturing there for the first time thoughts of what to do in London will take up many hours of research leading to anticipation and expectation which is sure to be fulfilled.

For those on a tight budget there should be no concern because many activities are available that are absolutely free. For instance, some outstanding museums can be found there providing hours and events days worth of entertainment and delight. Many not only include priceless works of art, but exhibitions and events as well so there will be something for everyone providing enjoyment as well as enrichment.

A free attraction, the Science Museum, is a family favorite. Not only does it include IMAX 3-D movies presenting some of the most captivating photos of undersea life in the world, but also includes a space trip that allows viewers to experience life on the International Space Station. Additionally, their modern industrial world exhibit provides a gallery of inventions from 1750 to 2000 and their solar system gallery takes one out of this world.

Although the main mode of transportation in this city is walking, many get around by use of London's Underground. It's fairly easy to navigate with simple maps and the purchase of a day pass allows as much coming and going as one can fit into a day. Due to the fact it's a capital city, it has the hustle and bustle of many urban areas around the world, but one will find there is also a slower pace and the people are not only extremely friendly, but more than willing to help out whenever needed.

One of the best days of the week to visit is on Sunday. If one wishes to continue their traditional weekly religious observance, they will be more than welcome in any churches, many of which still look and feel as if they were from a time long gone. For instance, one featured in many modern movies, such as "Four Weddings and a Funeral, " is Priory Church of St. Bartholomew the Great located at 6-9 Kinghorn Street. Even if just in passing it is well worth the trip to see it.

After services, many special events are held only on Sundays and are best experienced with a walking tour. Two-hour walking tours into the catacombs of Kensal Green can provide a unique opportunity to see the oldest public cemetery in London. It also has two conservation areas where wildlife enhance the peaceful resting place of many famous people who once resided in this area.

Early-birds will be treated to a unique tour by meeting a special bus at London Bridge where they will be taken to the East End flower market area. Here the botanical gardens are open only on Sundays and, after a leisurely stroll, one can enjoy the many Victorian art galleries, pastry shops, and clothing boutiques that fill the area. The experience can then be commemorated with a free photo taken by renowned photographer Seamus Ryan at his Sunday Shoot after which photos will be uploaded onto the web for all to see.

For those visiting London for the first or 100th time, they will find there is something for everyone in this great city and it doesn't have to cost a lot to have the experience of a lifetime. From visiting Buckingham Palace to exploring the many museums and exhibits and even walking around enjoying the site and visiting with the people who live there, one will find a city of contradictions that is immersed in a rich history and culture, but also provides all the elements expected of contemporary life.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

How to Develop your Psychic Powers?

This page is in the process of being developed, but over time this will help all those that wish to develop Psychic powers.