Thursday, 23 June 2011

Exciting times

I have been working hard for a couple of years now and it is finally paying off.  Having took the plundge to work for myself back in 2009, it now feels like I am reeping the rewards. 

Most of my life I have struggled with a couple of kids on my own.  When my eldest was younger is was practically impossible to find work to fit around my child care needs.  It was only when I went off to uni started working in IT that I could afford the better things in life.

This past year I have had a new bathroom, re-decorated my whole house and now as I type I am waiting for a delivery of my new sofa.  I am very excited to say the least.  This is the first sofa I have ever bought new.  My others were hand-me-downs or bought second hand.  It is really nice to go into a shop and know I can afford any of the items there.  Trouble is this means there is a lot more choice available to me.  Before I would have to chose within a budget.  Now I can have any sofa and it made the deciding which one part more tricky.  Took me 6 months to choose the right one, then another 3 months for it to be made and sent to me.

Tonight i should be sat on my designer sofa looking around my newly plastered and painted living room and thinking to myself well done!

Loving the French Look right now

I love the French look right now.  I haven't been to Provence yet but you only have to Google images of Provence landscapes to see why this home look is so popular.  The beautiful scenery of lush lavender, poppy and sunflower fields look heavenly.

I had to post this image below...