Wednesday, 28 March 2012

French Tablecloths

Provencal tablecloths are a great way to get that homely French country style in your kitchen.  They are also great for outdoor dining.

The French tablecloths from Boutique Provencal are100% cotton and come in many designs and shapes and sizes including round tablecloths.  Another bonus is that some are speically made with a Teflon coating which makes cleaning spilliages even easier to deal with. 

Here are some of my favourite French Tablecloths from BP.....

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


If you love 'The Only Way is Essex', you will love the new Brit Movie tour which takes you to some of the locations scattered across Essex.  You will travel to the locations in a luxury air-conditioned mini coach. You will have the chance to get off the bus on several occasions, go into some of the shops featured in the show and you may even get to see one of the stars!

Why not make your friends "well jel" and book a tour today: TOWIE tours

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lorna Byrne seeing Angels

Last night I went to see a talk in Birmingham by Lorna Byrne who claims she can see angels. It was interesting but nothing I haven't heard before. To me a lot of what she says is what we all call instinct. You know when you are planning something and suddenly a thought pops in your mind. In my experience if you follow your first instinctive thought things tend to pan out well. When you don't listen and talk your mind out of it things go wrong. This is what she was talking about and how angels are helping us all at all times.  I wanted to ask what the difference was, is that little voice a so called angel?  mmm I am not sure.  But she seems to truely believe she can see angels.  Is she crazy or is she just another con artist who has jumped on the bandwagon, read a few books and put her own spin on it and written her own books. 

Because I don't see them its hard for me to believe her. But everything she talked about to me is just common sense. We are all searching for proof of the other life if there is on. But we should realise everything we need to be happy and contented is right here on earth. We don't appreciate the beauty of the world and its expansive resources it holds. All the drugs in the world are nothing compared to natural highs you can get from living in the here and now and truly just BEING.

I couldn't care less whether she is genuine or a con.  At the end of the day her message is possitive and it will help lots of people.  For me it was a fun night out, but no new revelations.  I'll keep listening to my instict as I have evidence that this little voice or Angel does give good advice and always leads to a happy outcome.  One day I will listen to mine and write my own best seller.