Monday, 10 December 2012

Bridal Accessories

So your getting married, congratulations, good luck with that!  So you must have found the dress and are now considering what bridal accessories you need to complete your look.  Below are some of the accessories to consider. 
Veil or Headpiece
The veil or headpiece is one of the most important accessories won by all brides. Choose one that complements rather than overpowers your wedding dress. Some brides make the mistake of choosing a headpiece as a separate item rather than considering how it will look with the dress. Don't do this. Always put the two together to see if it works and choose a veil or headpiece that you feel reflects your own personal style. 

Go easy on the jewellery. Your the star, not the jewellery. When you walk down the aisle, you want to be what catches your groom and guests eye not the jewellery.

If you have a long gown the shoes may not be seen, but they still matter and comfort is key. Choose shoes which look the part but are comfortable and try them on with the dress. The shoes must be of the correct height so that the hem of the dress falls correctly.

If you want to carry some essentials such as lip gloss then you will want a little handbag. You wouldn't have to carry it around all the day but I think it would be useful.

If you have the cash to splash then you will want to have something from some of the top designer names in Bridal Accessories.

Les Trois Soeurs is  Bridal Boutique in London who stocks a number of bridal acessories from designers such as Halo & CO, Polly Edwards, Malis Henderson and Vivien Sheriff.