Wednesday, 15 February 2012

4 Tips for Everyday Google Doc Users

Google Docs are used today by a wide range of users – from students to businesses and many in between. Those who rely heavily on it for different reasons will find the following tips very useful. If you are one of them, read on!

Auto-Correct Typos

Just like Microsoft, Google Docs corrects typos that you make. In addition to the typical mistakes that every other speedy type-r makes, such as typing ‘the’ as ‘teh’, there are person-specific mistakes too. You can tell Google Docs about the mistakes you make, and what to turn them into. This way you won’t have to do it yourself every time.

To do so, follow the steps below.
1. Select ‘Tools’
2. Go to ‘Preferences’
3. A dialog box will appear. Check the box next to ‘Automatic Substitution’.
4. Then fill in the boxes under the ‘Replace’ and ‘With’ with the mistakes that you make and their substitutions.

Share Google Docs

There are people who don’t use Google and they might not be able to view the Google Docs they are meant to read. To enable them to do so, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the icon ‘padlock’ on the top left of the site.
2. A dialog box will appear. Click ‘Change’ next to ‘Private’.
3. Another dialog box will appear. You can click ‘Everyone’ or ‘Anyone with the Link’ depending on what your requirements are.
4. You can also allow non-Google users to edit the document. You can do so by checking the box next to ‘Allow Anyone to Edit’.
5. Click ‘Save’.
6. Share away the documents by messaging, emailing or any other medium you like.

Bookmark the Document

Just like you bookmark parts of books that are reading in different sittings and have sections that you would later want to re-visit, you can bookmark Google Docs documents too. This can be helpful for a number of situations. Bookmarks can help you recall things that you might require later, make table of contents and other purposes. There are two ways of bookmarking  one of these documents.

You can insert a bookmark by clicking ‘Insert’ and then clicking ‘Bookmark’.

Also, you can create a link by selecting text in the document and then pressing ‘Clt+K’. A dialogue box will appear. Click on the radio box labeled ‘bookmark’.

Preview a Google Document in Gmail

There are times when a document needs a very brief glance. To save time, instead of opening the entire page, you can simply review it by activating the Google Docs Preview option in your Gmail account by doing the following:

1. Go to ‘Settings’
2. Click ‘Labs’
3. Find ‘Mail add-on’ and move on to Google Docs Previews
4. Click the check box next to ‘Enable’
5. Click ‘Save’

The tips above can revolutionize the utility of Google Docs. However, use them carefully. You don’t want to give everyone around access to your private documents or the authority to edit it.

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Looking forward to my 40th this May!

I have planned lost of things to celebrate reaching 40 this year.  I will be on holiday with some friends for my 40th, she also is 40 around the same time so it will be double celebrations.  I also have tickets for Madonna at Hyde Park this July with a group of friends.  Then I have Blink 182 in June to look forward too.  Also a weekend spa is on the cards, I just need to book it.  So its all rather exciting in the Clayton household.

Slimming world update.

It's all going well. I lost another couple of pound this week which is good.  I would be at my target but I still think I could do with loosing a bit more so moved my target.

I had a great week really as one night I stuffed myself at Franky and Benny's then at the cinema.  I must have been good enough before and after as it didn't affect my weight loss.  It just proves you can still loose even if you have a night out and eat rubbish!

Deciding What Type of Boiler Is Right for You

Every home, whether it is located in the tropics or a temperate zone, has its own heating needs. However, these needs vary widely according to location, time of year, and your personal budget. Boilers typically use gas or some other kind of fuel to convert water to steam, and they are a common means of meeting domestic heating needs.

If you are unfamiliar with boilers but are considering installing one in your home, the wide variety of types and models available might seem daunting. But that variety also means that, whatever your heating needs, there is probably a boiler out there designed to meet them in an energy efficient manner.

Different Needs, Different Designs

Essentially, boilers can serve two different purposes: heating your home and heating the water you use on a daily basis. Some boilers will only serve one of these purposes, whereas others can do both. Deciding what kind of boiler is right for you is a matter of determining which of these functions is most important to you.

Heat Only

While installing a boiler that provides both heat and hot water will save you space and likely reduce your monthly bills, many people are on a tight budget and only looking to replace one appliance at a time. If this is the case for you, a heat only boiler may be the ideal choice, as they are typically cheaper than combination or system boilers.

Heat and Water

On the other hand, if you do have some money to invest, installing a boiler that heats both your home and your water will save you space and potentially reduce your energy consumption. It is important to evaluate your particular needs before deciding whether to invest in a combination boiler or a system boiler.

Combination, or combi, boilers use a single unit to warm your home and provide you with hot water. Combi boilers use copper heat exchangers to heat water only as it is needed. While this frees up a lot of space in your home by eliminating the need for a bulky hot water tank, it also limits the rate at which you can use hot water. For this reason, combi boilers are great for single-person households.

Conversely, if you have a large family and expect more than one shower to be running at a time, then a system boiler might be a better choice for you. A system boiler works like a combi boiler, except that it uses a tank to store hot water, thereby increasing the capacity that can be used at once. The drawback to this is that system boilers take up more space and use more energy, as they have to keep water warm even when it is not being used.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Syma Helicopters

I just love Syma helicopters. They are the best range of indoor helicopters on the market by far. Syma is a well-known and well-trusted brand that can easily be repaired if you crash or damage your helicopter. You can get parts easily which makes a huge difference and give you piece of mind when things go wrong.

There are many different Syma models and they all suite different tastes and budgets which means that regardless of what you can afford, you can still have great fun and a great flying experience. Some of the Syma models and their specifications are below:

• Syma s107 - This model is great for indoor flying and comes in red, blue and yellow colours. It is very easy to fly and is suitable for beginner. This model comes complete so there's no need for assembly and it's made from very strong and durable metal which means it can withstand a whole lot of crashes and ranges from about £13.00 to £20.00.

• Syma s109 - This is one of my favourites because not only does it fly extremely well, but it also looks the part. It is 9 inches long with great detail. Age wise, it’s for over kids 8 and over. Priced from £12 to £20, this is a great helicopter that is extremely strong and will last for a long time.

• Syma s108 - This model comes in at around £25 and its full name is the Syma S108G Gyro 3 Ch Mini Indoor RC Helicopter. It comes with an LED flashing light that looks great. Although this is also an indoor helicopter, it is very durable and great for beginners.

• Syma s032 - This is quite a new model in the market and is very easy to fly; it comes with electronic fine tuning which helps to prevent crashes. It costs around £25 and is a great helicopter for beginners and comes in lots of different colours.

There are many different types of indoor helicopters but I believe Syma helicopters are the best, and once you start flying one, you will think the same, enjoy!