Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lookin at the Past - Today!

What is it about man that thrives on nostalgia? We are all driven by the past - remembering how things were, hoping that we can all make changes for the better. History is what made us all as we are today, and maybe that is why we cannot let go of it.

We are all fascinated with our roots, and even more fascinated with how generations before us coped with life. Luckily there are many reminders carefully preserved in our museums. There are museums on practically every aspect of life, and the vast majority can be found in London.

The British Museum holds a massive collection of world art and artefacts, while the Tate Museum Art Gallery has the largest collection of British art dating back to 1500, and a collection of international modern art. Modern artists can learn a lot by visiting them.

There are still many people who survived the Second World War, and we never tire listening to their experiences. To feed our appetite, The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms will bring to life all the experiences that have been related to us. If we want to go back even further, then the Imperial War Museum is a national museum of war and wartime life since the First World War.

For those interested in science, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum are a must. Those interested in art and design, would be delighted with London`s Museum of International and Contemporary Design. For more historical art and design, then the Victoria and Albert Museum would be more to your taste.
People interested in transport would love London`s Transport Museum, and there is even a Museum of Garden History for avid gardeners. Nurses would be amazed at the Florence Nightingale Museum, and Arsenal supporters could visit Arsenal Football Club Museum. There is even a Bank of England Museum.

The list of museums in London is endless, but they provide much education and understanding and are well worth visiting. When visiting London, it would be wise to make a list of your interests and visit them all, making your visit truly memorable.

It may be impossible to get round them all in one day, but fortunately there are many budget hotels close at hand. These offer good service and excellent value for money. After spending a comfortable night, you will be fresh and revived and ready to continue wallowing in nostalgia.

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Various Styles Of Net Curtains

Choosing curtains for household windows is a tough decision, considering all the various types of material used, styles created, and lengths provided. The list below consists of four styles of net curtains. Each has a different purpose than the next and each one is also able to create an entirely different window display. Most are offered in a variety of lengths and widths, but this will depend mostly on the company manufacturing them.

Voile Curtains- This type of curtain is available in sizes for all sizes of windows and can be added to other types of curtains as well. For instance, using a net curtain that is around 27 inches long will leave enough room so that a nice swag can be added to the top of the window. The light is able to be filtered on the entire window and more privacy is gained by having the longer voile curtain on the bottom. These also range between being sheer to almost completely opaque.

Cafe Curtains- These usually are placed along the bottom part of a window that is positioned next to an eating area. This short curtain provides enough privacy while still allowing light to enter the top portion of the window. Many cafe curtains come in designs that are very eye catching; embroidered chickens, macram' fringe off the bottom, or even a simple pattern covering the entire curtain. They are usually about 60 inches wide, so most people only place one per curtain rod, unless they desire a fuller effect.

Voile Swags- Most curtains in this style have one gathered side that a curtain rod can be fed through, which then causes the rest of the curtain to hang in a curved pattern. This swag effect is also created by voile pieces that are simply gathered at the ends and the middle is allowed to droop down.

These swags are excellent for creating an elegant appearance to a plain room. They also go well over a long voile panel or thick curtain with a busy pattern.

Jardini'res- These are the reverse design of a swag, this curtain arches up in the middle instead of dropping down. This type of curtain provides plenty of privacy and softens outside light at the same time. The arch in the middle can range from being very subtle to a more noticeable one.

These are often placed on the lower part of the window, allowing the upper portion to be open. Sometimes they are used on small windows and fill the entire length of the window area.

This variety of net curtains mentioned above isn't the end of the list. There are still many other types offered in department stores and online. They also come in just about any hue desired, enabling you to design the perfect window dressing for every room in your home. So, whether you are choosing a single curtain to enhance the appearance of one window, or redoing your entire home, these curtains might be just what you are looking for.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Live Event Jobs: The Perfect Occupation For The Life Of The Party

For people who truly enjoy being in the spot light, or right in the middle of all the action, live event jobs might be your calling. These are jobs for people who like to entertain the public or be involved with entertainment events. Examples of these types of jobs are comedian, singer, actress, stagehand, sound coordinator, or in charge of operating the lights for live events. If you are interested in these type of jobs, then we believe you have made a wise choice. However, do you think you have what it takes? Below, we are going to tell you more about these type of jobs, so if you're interested, pay attention...

Finding jobs that are associated with any of these types of professions are easy to locate, if you know the right places to look. There are sites online that focus strictly on jobs for live events. Sometimes flyers are posted in local playhouses and performance theaters that advertise openings for various entertainment events where performers are summoned.

Most of the time, these events require an audition of some sort. The audition can be live or there are times when a tape of a performance can be sent in. Sometimes there are multiple auditions for the same event, instead of a single chance to wow the interviewers. These jobs can range from small time productions, such as an open mic night at the local coffee house up to a live Broadway show.

There are so many people who want to become an entertainer, that it's often easier to find a job working the sound or lights for a show and then working up to becoming a performer. This is often how many big name performers have become famous.

It usually doesn't happen over night, it will take time and hard work. References work at times, but usually it depends on the type of performance given.

Being able to successfully obtain live event jobs is the ideal occupation for individuals who enjoy making people happy. Many people can tell when they are very young, if they will be comfortable performing in front of a bunch of people. Others just like being part of the live action, but don't necessarily want to be in the spot light. These people are just as important as the performers, because without them, there often wouldn't be a set, lights, sound, or a functional area for the performer.

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Outdoor furniture

If like me you looking forward to Spring and can see an end to the dark cold winter days, then you might be looking at the garden and planning what seeds to sew and what improvements you intend on making this year. I for one have done a bit of winter gardening and what I have noticed is that my garden furniture is looking a little worse for wear. When I bought my garden chairs and table I was told that they were rust proof and wouldn’t deteriorate. They are made of some sort of metal with an aluminium coating which was supposed to be rust proof. Well they have all rusted around the feet of the chairs and table, also where there are screws holding bits together have rusted. So I am in the market for a new garden set. So where do I start?

Well luckily I don’t have to leave my home and can do online shopping. I thought I would do some research and find out the best furniture which would not rot or rust after a few years. After a bit of investigation work I can see that all the top designers and those with a bit of money think cane furniture is the best bet for garden furniture. When I read the words ‘cane furniture’ I imagined a creamy old rocking chair my Nan used to sit in which I thought is not quite what I want. I want something stylish and smart that would fit my modern garden. Well after more investigation I found out that cane furniture is not what I thought at all. The designs you can get these days are top notch. In fact thinking about it, when I read through the Sunday times I often see pictures of huge mansions with outside furniture and now on closer inspection I can see that it is all cane. You can get the furniture in most colours and either opt for natural colour fabrics or have your own choice of fabric and make your own. Some of the furniture I have seen would look very nice in a modern lounge, conservatory or orangery.

Before I take the plunge I wanted to find out what’s the big deal with cane, why is it so good for outdoor use? Well cane is a raw material which comes from the stem of large rattans. The material gets treated so that it becomes flexible for moulding. The cane gets stripped and then weaved to make the furniture. Then the furniture gets painted using special paints which allow the furniture to be weather proof, UV resistant, colour fast, chemical resistant and fully washable. Also cane furniture is completely environmentally friendly which ticks many people’s boxes these days.

Now the prices are not cheap from the online sites I have looked at. However you are buying quality handmade furniture that will last for years and years. This is why you see cane furniture all over the continent in plush hotels. Like anything you buy it is always worth trying to haggle and get the prices down. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Windows 2010!

For people who are a fan of house make-overs on the television, you will not doubt have noticed how the window dressing is a vital part of the room decor. You will have also noticed how curtains and drapes are making a comeback. The recent trend to switch to blinds appears to be ending, mainly due to maintenance issues - they are difficult to keep clean, and cut out a lot of natural daylight. They are ideal in offices and public buildings where cleaning is contracted out, but do they really suit cottages?

People are also realising that net curtains afford most privacy, they are easy to see out, and difficult for people to see in. With building regulations ensuring our windows are a lot smaller (energy saving) then the amount of natural light is reduced. Nets offer the most privacy and natural light.

Buying nets on the internet, is an easy way to choose from the widest variety, and is very good value for money. When choosing a supplier, make sure you choose one that uses only the trusted mills in Nottingham, and has a good relationship with them. By dealing direct, he can pass savings on to you.

He should have a wide choice of jardinieres, voile swags, cafe curtains and tie blinds etc. A wide variety of designs and of course, all the necessary accessories you might require.

You should be advised on how to measure your windows correctly, how much you will need for "frilling" and what additional accessories you will need. Ordering should be straightforward, and delivery prompt

Net curtains are very easy to maintain, they can be washed, dried and up again in a very short time. They offer elegance to any room and total privacy. There are many modern designs and ideas how to drape them, and can make your room very up-to-date yet cosy.

Looking out of your windows in 2010 will be a pleasure!

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