Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Cosmic Ordering?

Isn’t it the same thing as just simply wanting something,
and hoping that we get it ?

Have people really benefited from simply writing out their cosmic order and waiting for the Universe to deliver it? Read on!

Noel Edmonds didn’t just appear on our TV screens again after a long absence, according to him he ‘ordered’ it!

After reading the German best-seller “The Cosmic Ordering Service - A guide to realising your dreams” by Barbel Mohr (it sold millions in Germany alone) he was motivated to create his wish list. He asked for a ‘new challenge’ and got it in the shape of ‘Deal or No Deal’ and is back on our screens as the host of this very successful show. He had also put on his shopping list a villa (which he got) and some other things that he doesn’t talk about - (ooh would love to have been a fly on the wall for those - oh and by the way I am not cosmically ordering that!).
It would be silly and irresponsible to suggest that we simply sit down and let everything magically come to us without effort or engaging ourselves in the challenges of everyday life. However creating this Cosmic wish list has something in it.

How many times have we really thought we want something but when getting it, just wasn’t what we really wanted or when asking for something to empower our life we have felt undeserving and uncomfortable about asking for it.

What impresses me is the actual clarity that you need to have when creating your wish list. Writing it all down makes the individual very focused about what they are asking for and it stops us fudging the issue.

Oftentimes you ask someone what they want and the first thing that they do is tell you what they don’t want. This doesn’t create a focus on bringing anything into our lives, just allows us to dwell on the negative, rather than the virtues of positive thinking.

So what’s involved, well very little actually, just write down clearly what you want, the date that you want it and if money is involved exactly how much!
You can order as many times as you wish but only if it is for positive purposes. Anything that is harmful to others or ourselves doesn’t get a look in (lets order that!). If it hasn’t got a loving or empowering purpose then forget it.
If I got one thing from it, was to show me how foggy my thinking was with some of the things that I thought I wanted. When trying to write down what I wanted to manifest I was hit by more doubts than a juggler in a small tent. This realisation really help me sort out how to be directed and clear about what I was ordering into my life.

We all presume everyone wants a lot of money or a big house but that actually isn’t true. Whether you want to bring in a new relationship, career or simply have more money, be specific. Remember, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it! PL

The Cosmic Ordering Service - A guide to realising your dreams. Barbel Mohr. ISBN 1-57174-272-7.The Ultimate Guide to Cosmic Ordering - Empower your destiny: Take control of your life. Andronicos Andronicou. ISBN 0-9554-6690-3.
Cosmic Ordering Guide: Where Dreams Can Become Reality. Stephen Richards. ISBN 1-902578-24-4.

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All you need is Love ?

The Beatles, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra and all the crooners, all music genres- charts, pop, blues, folk, jazz and beyond, all sing of love so poignantly. Byron, Blake, Wordsworth, Shakespeare write about all kinds of love with such articulation. Books, films, plays, musicals, TV programs all feature love in their plots somewhere or another. We can relate to them all! Spiritual leaders and metaphysical gurus say ‘Love is all there is’. Divination cards and systems represent love as a major aspect of life, both human and divine. Many individuals seek spiritual guidance on love, and matters of the heart every minute of every day. Yet what is love? It is many things to different people. Highly subjective, it is indeed a wonder that two individuals can find love, let alone share the same meaning, feeling and quality and quantity together, and at the same timein one life. Yet somehow we all do, and for better or worse!

‘ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED,’ states dear John so simply. Oh, so you don’t have to go on courses and workshops after all?!

Some people live for love, some people die for love, some have so much, while some have so little. How do we find love? How do we give love?

There are different kinds of love as we all know – the love between mother and child, fathers and children, grandparents to grandkids, brothers and sisters, family near far and extended. And at the end of the day, are we not all distant cousins?

And just where is love when there are family bust-ups and fall out? What is the attraction between two people who ‘fall in love’ with each other? Do opposites attract, or do we have to be similar? What happens when we ‘fall out of love’- where does love go, where did we go? Why doesn’t it last forever? Can it? Does it? Do we have any control over love at all? With who, how, and when we find love, or when love finds us? Mind boggling and stupefying! How many of us have experienced being in love with two (or more!) people at the same time- why and how does that happen? A cosmic tease, maybe, but so often people get hurt in these situations- where the socially expected or legal norm is 1:1. Yet in many cultures of our world, it is perfectly acceptable to be married to more than one person at one time- maybe 6,8,10 others. So just who has got it right, and how have they achieved it? And if not, is it the thing called ‘love’ that changes, or one or other, or both individuals concerned that change?

We’ve all had different experiences of love, some good, some bad, and some which made us decide there and then we’d never let love into our lives again- no matter what! ‘Love hurts, love heals’ go the lyrics- but is not one person’s idea of pain, another one’s pleasure? And one person’s medicine, another one’s poison? One thing’s for certain – there’s nothing as confusing as love, and guess what – we’re all in this together. So fasten your seatbelt for the ride…

Right, a little exercise to get you started. Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin…… I want you to recall a time you ‘fell in love’ with someone. (Or if you’ve never been in love, then recall the happiest time of your life, a time when you felt GREAT.)….. Take a few moments to really link into that memory…. How did it feel?... how does it feel now…..make the memory stronger, and more importantly …make the feeling associated with it stronger.. and very present… very very pleasant…..get a sense of the excitement, feel excited…so excited you’ve got butterflies in your stomach….remember how you couldn’t eat at this time…couldn’t sleep…so excited…yet you’re not tired….you’re invigorated…your world feels bigger….your world is bigger…’re bigger…stronger….more alive….more connected somehow…your senses are heightened, you feel a tingling, an aliveness.. you absolutely LOVE your life…you feel on top of the world because you are on top of the world, yet firmly rooted to the earth, very present, very tall, standing proud, marveling at who you are and what you can achieve…heads turn as you walk by – ‘what has he/she got ?’ they think to themselves as they look at you admiringly…..your entire environment reflects back to you this good feeling…you love everything deeply, profoundly…and everything loves you equally deeply and profoundly and more….your heart is wide open….brimming over with love.. for you and for every part of life you know…your body and brain are flooded with ‘feel good factor’ endorphins ( chemical messengers of bliss) and hormones that create joy, golden opportunities and choice in your life…….savour it!...enjoy it as long as you can…and then do it again another time.. and again…and again…..until you start to see love flowing to you and from you at will, and this is manifest as positive changes and growth in existing relationships and/or new liaisons and potential opportunities for loving relationships finding their way into your life, along with better circumstances and an upturn in many other areas of your life. I can’t resist, at this juncture, including the wise words -‘When heart is open, you will change’- sung by Van Morrison.

Okay, now , where are you at right now? Some of you may already be deeply, richly, madly in love- go for it! ‘Congratulations and Celebrations’ - how did Cliff get in here! Others of you may be in a long term relationship that’s leveled out, yet still has that element of fire and passion. Others may wonder what has happened to their ‘fire and passion’- even reaching the point that they’d forgotten it used to exist -‘oh that,’ I hear you say… like a wet firework. If you are in a relationship that has lost it’s sparkle- well okay, it’s gone out – and yet you both want it to work and improve, start by communicating this to one another, make a plan. Know that you can find again the very joy of your attraction to each other- remember together the great times you had, invoke those associated feelings- do things, think things, act things the way you used to, anchor those good feelings in the present, and create the kind of lives you want, the kind of love you want. Re-ignite your unique sparkle, enjoy yourselves again, re-invent your lives for now, make those heads turn again.

If there have been problems or difficulties, they either become insignificant, or you see very clearly what is needed to resolve those issues, along with, as if by magic, supporting influences. Watch as your lives turn for the better, everything to gain.

What if you’re the other end of the spectrum- you’ve never been in love, or it was so long ago- you can’t remember, or don’t want to remember. You’ve been on your own for so long, are used to your own company, quite self-sufficient, doing things in your own way, in your own time, etc, thank you very much! Then quite unexpectedly (or not) you wake up one morning, and decide, albeit apparently a bit zany, to seriously consider the prospect of looking to enter into a relationship again.

Wham! You find yourself entertaining thoughts and emotions you may not have experienced for a while, and maybe just a few gremlins. Yes there’s anticipation and excitement, yet there may be a few ‘I’m quite a bit older now, am I still attractive?’, ‘Where do I go to meet someone’, ‘It’s easier for men’, ‘I haven’t kissed for years’, etc, etc. ‘Perhaps I won’t bother’. Fears rise up, doubts start to creep in that can undermine your adventure…STOP..REWIND………….……….You decide to seriously consider the prospect of looking to enter into a relationship again. Good for you. Well done! Fact- Immediately you have sent out a signal indicating your intent…I’m here, I’m ready now.( Chances are you’re equally responding to a signal somebody else has been putting out - equal and opposite reactions, and all that jazz!!) Your signal will get a response - and in ways you may not even be able to imagine, or indeed comprehend! - so, in other words, don’t sweat it. Your part is to enjoy the anticipation, pour on the excitement, and while you’re waiting for the action, sort your wardrobe- what do you look and feel really good in- sort it. Prepare- do you need to organise a babysitter- if so, start looking around for someone you feel happy with. How do you feel about your appearance- make any changes you see fit TO FEEL REALLY GREAT. You’re in charge here, in thought, feeling, and action, so stay upbeat on all three! If you do find any little gremlins start to sneak in- little (or seemingly bigger), remind yourself what you are doing, and remember to decide you’re about to have the time of your life! You are open to new experiences, yet at the same time respect that you will only do that which makes you feel great about you. And by the way - blow those gremlins a kiss - they’ll blush!

By being true to yourself, and honouring yourself, you can attract great love and affection into your life. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up some travel brochures, so you’ve got some idea of where you’ll spend your first holiday together. Dare to believe! 

Love and Blessings

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Visit London for a Special Occasion

Do you or your partner have a special anniversary coming up? Maybe it is a big “O” birthday, or a wedding anniversary, and you want to make it one to remember - something special for you both. What could be more memorable then a couple of days in London, taking in one of the wonderful shows that London has to offer, a gourmet meal at one of the finest restaurants, and ending up in a comfortable room at one of the budget hotels.

If you have not seen “The Phantom of the Opera”, which has been running for 24-years at Her Majesty’s Theatre, ten you will be in for a big treat. It is a romantic musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on a gothic novel of life beneath the stage of the Paris Opera House. If you have been lucky enough to have seen it, then you will enjoy the continuation of the story, also by Andrew Lloyd Webber, “Love Never Dies” showing at the Adelphi Theatre.

Another favourite is “Billy Elliot, which has been running for 5-years at the Victoria Palace Theatre. Most people are familiar with the story of the northern boy from a rough and tough area who, like his peers, was expected to become a miner, but won a place at the Royal Ballet School. The dancing is quite spectacular. If you would like an ultra spectacular evening, then “The Lion King” would really appeal to you. It is still as popular as ever after 11-years, and is on at the Lyceum Theatre, and is an adaptation of Disney’s hugely successful; animated film.

For nostalgia, “Grease” is showing at the Piccadilly Theatre, and “Mamma Mia” is showing at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Both are packed with songs and music that will haunt you for days after.

However, the fastest selling West End show of all times is “Oliver”, showing at Drury Lane, Theatre Royal. A wonderfully spectacular and memorable show.

There are numerous other shows on in London, and whatever your taste, you are sure to find something to suit. “Blood Brothers” has been running for 19-years at the Phoenix Theatre. It is an award winning tale of Liverpudlian twins separated at birth. Once you have seen it, you will agree that it deserves an award.

After a visit to a theatre, what could be nicer then enjoying a meal at one of London’s Restaurants. Whatever you taste is in food, you will have no difficulty finding the perfect restaurant.

Finally to end your memorable day, what could be nicer then relaxing in one of London’s Hotels. There are many Budget London Hotels which offer first class service. Not only would your anniversary be one you will never forget, you may find yourself wanting to repeat the experience next year!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Save Money Through Energy Efficient Central Heating

Energy efficiency is high on everybody's agenda today. The cost of energy bills are soaring, when this is also combined with the effects of the current economic crisis then the result can often be severe financial problems. If you are searching for ways to reduce your household's expenses then the best place to start would be with the central heating system. It is this that contributes the greatest amount to our annual utility bills.

The first tip may sound obvious but it is worth repeating. Turn your heating down! By lowering the thermostat's temperature by three or four degrees you can potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars a year. If you ensure that your home is adequately insulated then less heat will be lost through the walls and roof. Just because we have a heating system installed in our homes does not mean we should always have it set to the highest temperatures. There is nothing wrong with wearing a sweater indoors; this would not cost you any more cash!

Modern central heating systems and boilers are far more efficient than older models. Your local council may have a scheme in which they offer a grant for the cost of a new boiler and installation if you trade in your old inefficient model. The latest boiler designs can reduce energy consumption by more than fifty per cent.

Even if you are not eligible for financial assistance with the costs, trading in your old model is still an option worth exploring as in the long run there are financial savings to be had. Also, you should understand that by choosing an energy efficient system you will be reducing your carbon footprint. Why contribute to the problems of atmospheric pollution when today there are plenty of alternative green options?

If you have an old fashioned system of radiators in your rooms then these will occasionally need "bleeding". Air can enter the system which reduces the overall ability to transfer heat effectively around the home.

Modern home heating systems can make full use of the latest advances in technology to ensure that costs are kept down. For example they can be used to generate hot water at night when usually the cost of electricity is less. The digital controls allow for an ease of operation, you should have very little difficulty understand how to change the settings so that the heating will automatically switch itself on and off at specific times of the day.

When it comes to the actual energy source we have three main options: electricity, gas or oil. Which is best for your home will depend upon your location as well as the size of the space which is required to be heated.

If you want to have the most ecologically sound property in your neighborhood then how about switching a percentage of your energy requirements to an alternative source. If we continue to use fossil fuels for our energy requirements then in the future the warming of the planet will do away with the need for a heating system!

Northern Gas Heating - the UK's local supplier of new Gas Central Heating systems including Condensing boilers.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Loving Yourself

The one person we all tend to overlook when we think of love is ourselves. Yet - whether we are in a relationship or looking for that special person, whoever he or she may be - the manner in which we regard ourselves will have a marked effect on how we relate to others.

I am not talking about an ego driven love for ourselves that makes us vain, conceited and blind to our failings but instead an acceptance that the person we are, warts and all, is a person capable of being loved by another and able to love in return.

You may have heard of the expression ‘as above, so below’, this expresses the theory that whatever happens on a small level is enacted on a greater universal level or vice versa. A practical example of this is the idea that where the planets are placed in the sky will signify not only our personalities, but will also indicate, through their movements and their changing interrelationships with each other, what opportunities and challenges we may face on a day to day basis. This is the prime spiritual law from which all others are drawn. Each law will have a positive effect and a negative effect. The law I wish to discuss in the context of this article is that covering the law of attraction and it’s polar opposite the law of repulsion.

We, as humans, communicate with each other verbally and non-verbally. It is easy to recognize peaceful words and gestures as opposed to aggressive ones and act accordingly. From this we form opinions of people, especially on first meeting them. However, we can be misled as it is relatively easy to use dishonest words or gestures. There is another subtle level on which we communicate and that is psychically. We radiate ‘signals’ indicating our spiritual energy to others which are acted upon unconsciously. It is impossible to send out misleading or deceptive psychic signals. What is within us will be transmitted outwards. When we connect with someone, we send out a thread of energy. The more we interact with them, more threads are produced, combining into a virtual cord. Some couples develop this link to such an extent that there is empathy or telepathy between them. This empathy will exist only when the link is based on higher level positive energies. The lower energies or negatives will preclude any understanding. The higher energy is love and its opposite is hate. If we assign chakra colours to the emotions then love will be a violet colour whereas hate will be red. If through our love we can accept unconditionally our own or another’s failings then the cord’s colour can approach, and in some circumstances adopt, a white radiance, since white is the combination of all colours in the spectrum. Where there is total hatred and rejection then a black colour will be present since black is the absence of light.

Not only should we consider the purity of our psychic signal but also we should ensure it has strength. Think of it like this. A small household candle can emit a pleasant light which can dimly light its surroundings but as we move away from it its radiance diminishes until it is not visible. In contrast a lighthouse or beacon emits a more powerful light capable of being seen from miles away so ensuring safe passage for those utilising its presence.

So what can we do to send our signal out brightly and strongly? We can start by looking at ourselves honestly. If you wish, take a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. List all you regard as positive about yourself in one column. For example words like kind, generous, approachable etc. Then in the other column list what you feel to be your failings. Remember to be brutally honest with yourself but what may surprise you is the fact that the good column will be longer than the bad. Now for a bit of editing, Look at each negative and see if it can be changed easily by adopting an alternative attitude. For example you might have written down ‘SHY’, could you join in some group activity or society to make you more confident? Draw a line through each changeable item. Do the same in both columns because sometimes we can try too hard to be kind, generous etc and this can draw manipulative people to us. Once you have finished editing the list look at the items left uncrossed, accept that this is the real you and start loving the real you. Yes, you may not be glamorous but this may be balanced by your intellect. Not everybody is looking for outward beauty they may find someone with an ability to mentally stimulate them very attractive. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By accepting that you are not perfect and by being willing to change those flaws that can be changed, you will brighten your signal colour and increase its strength. You will make yourself more psychically noticeable. Also be willing to forgive yourself for mistakes in the past for this will also clean up your signal.

Surround yourself with happiness. Don’t dwell on the past, you can’t change it how hard you try but you can change the future by how you act in the present. Don’t mope around listening to sad music. Find a happy song, a happy film or DVD. Read a funny book. The happier you are, the brighter and stronger the signal you radiate.

If you are trying to find love, send out an advert on your psychic radio station. Visualise what attributes you would like in a partner and broadcast your willingness to meet such a person. A word of warning, don’t be too precise in what you want from a potential partner. Be willing to accept that Mr or Miss Right doesn’t have to be perfect in every way. Just like you they are human with built in flaws.

Finally, remember the words of the George Benson song;

“Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”

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Monday, 22 March 2010

What Makes French Country Decor So Special And Unique

French country decor is basically all about creating a look and feel of the interiors that is casual but also very elegant at the same time and which also reminds one of countryside in France. The colors used in this form of decorations will be inspired by nature and will generally include colors such as lavender which reminds one of wildflowers blossoming in the hills. Other colors used include gold that reminds one of the suns.

French country decor tries to create a mood that is rustic and which also makes you think back to old world charm and comfort. At the same time, it is noticed that in this form of decor there may be many variations but even then there are many common elements that permeate every different form.

For example, nature plays a big part in French country decorations and so it is common to include a fireplace made out stone and this fireplace is normally chosen as the focal point of the room. In addition, this form of decoration also incorporates use of pots in which various herbs are planted and the arrangement of flowers is such that they remind you of a French garden. Candles are often used to accent the other decorative items and this makes the room look charmingly French and very countryside like.

When choosing fabrics, most people that are engaging in French country decorations will choose those fabrics that feature flowers as well as animal motifs and lily pattern in particular is very popular.

The draperies too generally involve use of floral designs and prints and lace curtains are very commonly used as too are lace table covers. Even pillows make for a very great French country accent item as well. If you want to add rugs then you will do well to choose those that are made from natural and not synthetic materials. Typically, you will want to use cotton and perhaps even wool which help to soften the look of the furniture in the room.

When opting for black colored furniture items, you should choose those with a rustic feel to them though some people even opt to use furniture made from copper which works very well with French country decor.

Tall wooden storage items or armoires as they are also known as are very commonly used in French country decorations and besides their attractive looks, these items also provide efficient storage solutions and so help to make a room look and feel less cluttered up and untidy. On top of these armoires you can place vases with delicately arranged flowers or you can put a potted plant.

As mentioned, the colors used in French country decor are mostly those that are drawn from nature and besides the usual lavenders and gold, some even opt to use watered down blue and forest green as well as a dark red which each also helps to provide an elegant and casual (though also somewhat bolder) look. Using reds and/or greens can help to brighten up the room while for more neutral effect you can go with gray or even black.

Boutique Provencale offer a huge range of French country decor accessories and Provencal table linen which will give any home that French country style decor your after.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Heating Systems In The UK

Heating systems are designed to be energy efficient and still keep your house warm. There are a variety of types that can be used, and you can find one that will suit your needs and budget.

The gas combi boilers are one of the most popular ones. The provide hot water as well as heat to a radiator. It can be cheaper to install then other type, s and if you use more then one boiler, you can be able to customize the climate in different parts of the house, as well ad provide yourself with more hot water when you want it.

Many of the gas combi boilers can be used with natural or propane and can be fitted to flues that are as large as 60 meters with some models. There are also electronic settings that can be adjusted for your own comfort, and some can even learn to only be in using hours when you need it to limit the amount of energy you consume. Maintenance is easy to do, since there is a fault diagnostic that will help you with the system. These can be adapted to solar panels, which can also help limit the energy you need.

There is also underfloor heating that you can choose. The electric type places mats under the flooring and is controlled by a a panel. This is especially useful in areas that have tile, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, and can be thermostat controlled. They do work very well, and do provide heat to the home.

The hot water underfloor heating means that there are no radiators, which allows you to have more room to live in. This type uses a low temperature hot water to make the heating work, and it allows the heat to rise and circulate without the use of air. It also eliminates cold spots in the room since it utilizes the space beneath the floor, so it covers a larger area. The installation cost to these is similar to a radiator type, and this is a good choice for those that suffer from allergies and asthma since there is no dust being circulated due to not having to rely on air to make the heat.

You may also find that a space heater will suit your needs, due to space constraints, or needing it in a different area. These can be ran by electricity, or gas. There are even those that mount into the ceiling, or those that are designed to heat a porch or patio. While these are effective, they are not the most energy saving types, although they are the most affordable and adaptable.

You do need to have the systems installed by a professional and registered engineer. They can help you determine which system is best for you, and how effective they will be. They can also answer any questions you may have and be able to educate you on the different kinds and which will provide you with the best energy saving option.

Heating systems do make your home more comfortable and keep you from being cold. Many people feel these are a necessity and finding the one that fits the best for your home while saving energy, and you money, can make it better for your pocketbook and the environment.

Northern Gas Heating - the UK's local supplier of new Central Heating Systems including Cobination boilers.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Melody on Love

Love is born from your heart, a feeling which will never die, as true love is undying. Love is a space in which all other emotions can be experienced, and people make love constantly, but actually never talk about it, but it is actually a loving healing energy exchanged between two souls.

Kindness is the ability to love a person, and love is what makes the journey worthwhile, and perfect kindness acts without thinking of kindness.

In my life's experience of love, it is not all about gazing at each other, but looking outwards, and if you don't succeed, try a little harder! It is easy, just lay on the sofa, and you will be easily won over.

We must always believe in the miracles of love, when a child is born for example, or never to underestimate love at first sight, that can surprise you, and blow you away, and this normally happens when you least expect it.

We are all truly loving souls, and when we have been through a tough time with relationships that have failed, we must always inwardly face our sorrows, heal, and learn to trust in the life, believe in who you are, and graciously recognise that it was an experience in our journey through this life of understanding, learning to move forwards a wiser person with more knowledge and wisdom.

We all deserve love, and love is the most powerful healing force in the universe, even if we have experienced failed relationships, we must forgive and let go, not only does a huge weight drop off your shoulders, but most importantly, the doorway to your own self love opens up, and the whole picture changes, i.e. how you perceive things, how you live your life as you move forward into your future, so you want to make the best relationship with yourself, and really love 'YOU'. You must remember that we are all taken care off on a higher level.

Always believe in your power, if you don't, have a leap of faith, and you will discover parts of yourself which you thought weren't there.

If you have been in a long term relationship, there surely must have been times where you have been tested and tried, but here is a beautiful recipe which I would like you to do.

Sit opposite each other holding each others hands. Look into each others eyes, a few nice deep breaths and release any judgments, and allow yourself to be with this person.

What you actually see is a reflection of you, a reflection of what is in you. Say it is okay, we are all one, we breathe the same air, drink the same water, we have the same desires and needs. We all want to love and be loved, live peacefully and prosper, and live our lives with fulfilment. Allow yourself to look at your partner with love, and be willing to receive the love back, and know you’re safe.

As you look at one another, ask for good health and a loving relationship, so you are surrounded by loving energy, comfort and safety, and what you are giving out will be multiplied. So affirm the very best, and know your partner deserves it, and see them willing to accept it. This will empower your relationship, and you will feel and see the difference.

I feel that those who are alone, men or women, and looking for love after a traumatic relationship/break-up, should try to be brave, embrace your future, go out with friends and smile at all the men and women whom you find attractive, and see who comes to speak with you.

We must remember that love between a man and woman is so mysterious, so miraculous, so marvelous, it at times defies simple definition. It is the most deranged, delusive, and yet strangely most desired state of all, and we all love, love. It lifts us up, makes us happy, so turn your darkness to light, bang those drums, go out and turn mundane minutes into magic moments. Let your eyes wonder, and everyone you speak to, make eye contact, turn them into VIP's with the extra flash of eye contact, and it will make a world of difference to how people respond to you. You will be on your way to finding new love.

So, if you are confronted with a problem, your subconscious mind has the answer, it truly is waiting inside of you to be revealed. If the answer does not come, turn the problem over to your deeper mind prior to sleep. Keep on turning your request over to your subconscious until the answer comes. The response will be a certain feeling, an inner awareness, whereby you know what to do. Guidance in all things comes as the still small voice within. It reveals all.

So, please embrace your future, as you are never asked to do more than you are able without being given the strength and ability to do. Take heart, truth and happiness will get you in the end.

Nothing is by chance.

Love and light

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Volunteering at Music Festivals

Are you sick of your job? Do you get that feeling of dread on a Sunday evening? Do you feel undervalued and overworked? If you said yes to any of those questions it probably means you’re in the wrong job and industry. So how can you find a job that makes you feel excited to go to work? Well think about what you love to do in your personal life? For instance are you a fan of live music and going to visit them live? Do you go to all the festivals in the summer and have the best time and come away feeling totally alive? Then how about considering a job in the live events industry? Imagine helping out backstage at an up and coming festival, then spending the rest of your shift watching the show for free! As well as getting to see the band play live for free, you may get up close and personal with band members. Also with a bit of networking you might meet some interesting people who could help you on your way to a new and exciting career change.

So how do you go about getting a job in an industry you have little or no experience in? Well it sounds simple but why not try volunteering? You might think “I’m not working for nothing”, but if you do think that you are seriously missing the point. You will not be working for nothing. You will be working to gain experience which is priceless. With a few days of voluntary work at different live events you will have something of value to add to your CV. So what if you get the crappy jobs, so what if you’re not getting paid...With a positive and hard working attitude you will soon be on the pay roll if you so wish. You might find that live events are not your cup of tea and not the type of career you want to get into, if that turns out to be the case the voluntary work was very useful indeed.

Every music festivals need volunteers so what better ways of finding out if you like an industry than working in it, even if it is for free. You might not get the best jobs like helping out with the band or help putting the stage up but it could soon lead to those type of jobs. You never know it might be the start of some big changes in your life, and you wouldn’t get those if you didn’t put yourself out a bit. If you believe in the law of karma then you will know that good comes from doing good, so by doing some voluntary and helping people out, good will come right back to you. The more you give, the more you get in return.

Another great aspect of doing voluntary work at live events is the networking opportunity. You could get to work along site event managers, band members, event planners, event coordinators and many more people who have been in the industry for years. If you work your but off and really show what an asset you are, you could possible get noticed and approached by some of these people. Being friendly, offering assistance and working hard will make you stand out from the crowd. Also the fact you’re working so hard for nothing will prove just how dedicated you are at working in that environment.

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How To Use French Country Decor In Your Home Design

French country decor is one of the most emulated and popular styles of interior decoration in the world. In part, this is due to its simplicity and charm. Although there are some examples of the decor available in auctions and estate sales, you can also put together the look of rural France by using quality reproductions.

Color is one characteristic of French rural decor. The colors make you think of sunlit meadows in full bloom with wildflowers. The favored colors are soft green, sunshine yellow, gold, rust, red and pink, blue and lavender is smaller amounts. The colors are nature based, and the designs you can put in your rooms can be floral as well. Nothing splashy or oversize is allowed, just the gentle colors and sizes of rural France.

If you have the funds to travel to rural France, you could purchase pieces and have them shipped elsewhere in the world. However the genuine pieces are often in a family for generations and are not readily available. You are more likely to find reproduction items in most home decorating sites. Occasionally, there is a good quality piece that comes into the marketplace in estate sales or auctions.

Fabric that is most often associated with French country style is toilet. The fabric often has a white background with floral print in a pattern that is repetitious. The fabric can also have an off white background. Wooden furniture can be left natural, matte or is often painted white. Decorations tend to be minimal, with no veneers or marquetry. The main contribution of furniture pieces in this style are armoires, ladder-back chairs, sideboards, hutches and carved buffets.

Furniture defined in the French provincial style often has gently curved lines or it may be straight. There are often hand carved panels with conservative depictions. Smooth wood has a rich patina and may be made of walnut, oak, mahogany or various fruit woods such as cherry and apple. Wood can be paired with fabric that has pastoral scenes or floral patterns. Pictures are rural images including country folk and natural scenery.

In addition to the furniture pieces, you can make use of small accessory pieces to add the hint of rural France to your furnishings. The shelves you use should be whitewashed wood. Crown moldings will add to the ambiance. On the shelves, you can add things like etched glass containers that will hold fresh flowers. Small white or black clocks with gold highlights are popular.

White walls provide the best place to showcase provincial French items. Use chipped wall sconces for a rural look. A trellis painted in antique gold colors makes a wonderful place to tack vintage photos in black and white. You may also use antique picture frames to hold photos or antique postcards.

The French country decor had its heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries. You can still take advantage of reproductions and look-alike furniture in order to get the same look. Regardless of the room that you decorate, there are many items, large and small, that will give you the look without the high cost of true pieces. Look online for examples and directions for obtaining the look of rural France.

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Friday, 12 March 2010

Boiler Scrappage Scheme

What are your thoughts on global warming? Is the world's climate changing and if so is it down to our behaviour and lifestyles? Though we may question whether or not the data that is used by the IPCC is accurate, most governments are encouraging their citizens to incorporate green practices into their homes. For example the UK boiler Scrappage scheme is being promoted heavily by politicians on all sides of the political divide.

So what exactly is this scrappage scheme? Well its is an idea of the British government that by encouraging people to trade in their old hot water boilers for new models the UK's overall carbon footprint will be reduced. A carbon footprint is the amount of the carbon that an individual, company, or country produces in a year.

Countries such as the US, UK, and Australia have by far the largest amount of carbon released per person as compared to Asian countries. Even China's carbon footprint is far smaller than the UK's.

The policy that was announced regarding the UK's scrappage schemes stated that as many as one hundred and twenty five thousand households can be eligible for a grant on the costs of a new boiler if they trade in their old inefficient model. A new boiler would be available for up to four hundred pounds less than its usual cost. Apart from the obvious financial benefits that this brings to a home there is also long term savings that can be had. A modern boiler may require as little as twenty five per cent of the energy as compared to old fashioned models. Always look for the energy star rating as this is an official way of categorizing boilers.

When announcing the policy, Gordon Brown claimed that if the quota of one hundred and twenty five boilers scrapped and replaced was filled, then it would be the equivalent of removing as many as forty five thousand cars off the nation's highways. Though he did not mention that one fully loaded container ship travelling from Beijing to London annually produces far more carbon than what would be offset by this scheme; whether it is a token gesture is yet to be seen.

As of today the UK scrappage scheme is not available in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. It is only for homes located in English districts. It is possible that at a later date the policy may also be taking up by the Scottish parliament and Welsh and Northern Irish assemblies.

If you are still wondering whether or not you should apply to the scheme then the answer is yes. What do you have to lose, nothing! It is not often that the British government gives out loans and grants. Make full use of the boiler scrappage scheme today to help bring about financial savings as well as protect the environment.

With the UK's national debt at record levels you should do all you can to ensure that you are keeping your head above the water; the hundreds of pounds saved through this scheme can provide you with the cushion to see out the recession.

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are able to offer heating and also hot water directly from a boiler. These combination (combi) boilers are quite ingenious and they are also devices that help to save space, and this is why they are being widely used everywhere. In Britain alone, such boilers make up more than half of all domestic boilers being installed in homes.

Combi boilers are highly efficient in heating water and they also serve as central heating boilers and as the name imply, are a combination that offers twin functions in a single compact device. This ensures that there will be no need to have separate hot water cylinders, which in turn helps to create a space saving unit.

Other benefits that you will get from using such boilers include cost savings and you can also get hot water in your taps or even in your showers at high enough pressure. This means that you get to bath or shower in comfort and without needing to spend money to install a pump.

In addition, these boilers also can be installed quickly and without needing to spend any significant amount of money and this is on account of the fact that there is no need to install a tank on the roof and so there is less need for pipes and installation can be affected in very little time.

In order to find out which combi boilers are best suited for your needs you will need to first of all decide on fuel type which can be gas, LPG (liquid petroleum gas) or oil. And, then you will need to look at the number of bathrooms in your home that require hot water.

Once you have decided on which type of combination boiler you need it is then necessary to install it. Remember, that without proper insulation, these boilers will not be able to provide suitable service. Condensing combination boilers do not even require having hot water storage cylinders or even a feed or expansion tank. Therefore, these combi boilers are easier to install and the installation can be done as a DIY project.

If you want to do the installation on your own then you must start by locating the boiler in a place from where the exhaust gases can easily be expelled out of the boiler and into the air. Also, be sure that the terminal is free and not obstructed by materials that can easily burn and there should also not be any low ceilings near the terminal.

Next, you have to position radiators underneath a couple of windows and the radiator needs to be at least hundred millimetres above the floor and one hundred and fifty millimetres below the windowsills.

Once this is done you will then need pipes of a suitable size and also position the pipes far from the doorways as well as any other obstruction. Install the routes and pipes and make use of the proper seal with which to do the sealing of threads. Lastly, you can add the gas supply and get a professional fitter to start running the gas to your boiler. That’s all there is to installing condensing combi boilers.

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vibratory Screens & Sieves

Vibratory screens & sieves are used in many industries for classifying and sorting. They are also needed for other applications to separate moisture from solid particles or to provide uniformity grading. Various designs make these manufacturing and industrial items specific for the industry in which they are used. By reclaiming previously discarded materials such as machine oil, screens help to capture and recycle products that helps to save energy and avoid wasting scarce resources.

The vibratory nature of movement for the materials placed upon or into the sieves and screens means that the substance to be sorted or separated, whether wet or dry, is divided into two. One portion of the materials is retained within the confines of the sieve or screen and the second goes through the holes or divisions in the screen to be either captured or carried away.

Screens that are mainly used for the separation of liquids from solids are often called sieve bend or DSM screens. They are used in industries such as coal mining & quarrying, sugar processing, processing of minerals, cement plants, industrial effluent treatment and Urban waste treatment. In the latter, the screens are used as a pre-filter in order to cut down the load on the clarifier.

Screens and sieves come in many different shapes. They may be flat bed, curved, cylindrical or any variation of the above. They might be inclined in order to improve their effectiveness. The size will vary greatly, according to the needs of the particular industry.

The devices created for some industries can be flat metal plate. They might also be inclined, with up to four components to further separate or clarify the material being processed. Those used in the mining industry are particularly heavy duty, thanks to the weight of the ore being processed. Notice must be taken of the equipment that feeds into the screen or sieve. Various feeder devices help to get the job efficiently.

In some industries, sieves and screens are portable, so that preliminary sorting can be done where it is most needed. Once the need is higher in another location, the equipment is picked up and moved to the new location. This means that minimal connections are used on-site, usually just a power source. In the case where water is present during the operation, a source of water is needed for operation.

Vibrating screens are often made of looped wire. This type of construction is often lighter in weight and may be easier to clean than flat or inclined metal beds. Chrome can be used in industries where resistance to wear is important. Some ceramic screens and sieves are produced to allow for specific industry needs.

Vibratory screens & sieves can be very important in environmental clean up operations. They are also used when recycling efforts are an ongoing part of a company's operations. For example, used machine oil is processed through narrow gauge holes in order to separate the liquid oil from filings and metal chip waste. This metal waste can be resold at a higher price because it is drip free. The cleaned oil or coolant can be reclaimed, thus saving expense to the company doing the recycling.

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How To Find Budget London Hotels

Travelling to London can be a dream come true if you can locate an inexpensive way to travel. Just about everyone now-a-days needs to travel on a budget. Naturally not everyone's budget is even remotely the same. Regardless of what your budget might be you can find accommodations in London that will fit your need. There are numerous budget London hotels that can provide quality accommodations at affordable prices.

Whenever looking for inexpensive accommodations it is a good idea to shop around the internet for some good deals. There are many travel services on the internet that will be glad to help you locate a nice place to stay during your visit to London.

The first thing you should consider is what distract you desire to stay in and how much you hope to spend. Then you can shop around the sites on the internet for the best possible accommodations.

Among the many websites that offer ways to find inexpensive accommodations you will find some sites that can actually offer a savings over other sites. Naturally you will need to browse the internet a little to find the best offerings. Many of these sites will have a list of recommended hotels. In many cases these hotels will start well below $100 a night. In fact you may be surprised to find just how affordable these hotels can be.

There are some ways to find budget London hotels that do not involve browsing the internet. The first thing you should consider is when you want to travel. Often if you hold off travelling during the peak season and elect to take your trip during the off season then you may be able to find the some great deals. In the off season you may be able to find rates that are half of what they would be during peak times.

Another way to save money on your accommodations in London is to travel during the week. Many places see a lull in customer traffic during the middle of the week and consequently reduce the price to attract the guest during this time. You may need to browse around a little in order to find who offers mid-week discounts.

You can also consider traveling with a tour group. Many travel agents can provide you a list of tour groups and when they travel. These groups will provide you an opportunity to get a guided tour of the best spots of the city and will stay at some of the nicest budget London hotels. In fact if you can find out where the tours stay you can have a great base of hotels to select from.

By inquiring about tours and getting tour information from your travel agent you can get a list of the hotels that the tours stay at and then inquire with these hotels yourself to see what their regular rates are. While the rates you are able to get form these hotels may not be the same as the tour, they may be reasonable. Chances are if the tour companies use these hotels then they are clean and affordable.

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