Saturday, 20 November 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas is going to be strange to say the least.  Due to circumstances my mum and dad (who divorced in the 80's and haven't spoken or seen each other since) are going to be round my house for Christmas dinner!  Watch this space!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Take the stress out of Christmas shopping

Every year the same old thing happens.  We all get stressed (well us women who do the shopping do) over what to buy people.  Many of us leave it to the last minute and battle against the other people in the shops in late December.  The high street shops have the same old crap, gift sets that would cost far less if you were to buy them separately.  There will be offers of buying 2 and get the third free, great you think, but really they are not a bargain, they just make you chose more gifts than you wanted to in the first place.

The best way to tackle this is to stay away from the high street shops and do your shopping online.  Many shops offer discount if you buy more than one item.  Plus you will get items you really want to buy, not just because they are there like the ones in the high street shops.  Also you can search for specific types of gifts.  If you know someone who is into golf then you can search for 'Golf gifts'.  Maybe you have a friend who has her home decked out in the French Country Style? Then try actually searching for words such as 'French country style home accessories'. 

You can type as many words as you want into a search engine so don't just use words such as Christmas shopping or Christmas gifts, really get specific on what type of gifts you want.  It will save you a lot of time and ensure you get the right gift for the right person. Plus why not pour a glass of wine and take your time.  Buying gifts for people is supposed to be fun.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Payday Loans

Everywhere I go I hear about people struggling with money. It seems in this day and age if you want something and you want it now then you borrow money. To me this is madness. Why borrow money and pay interest when all you have to do is save the money yourself. Yes you may have to WAIT a little while but at least you don't have to pay interest on it.

I would much rather  have my money in my bank giving me interest than borrowing and having to pay it!  But this is me, I am very lucky that I have old fashioned views and have never liked this buy now pay later culture.  I don't buy items I can't afford, I wait and save.  I do have a mortgage which kills me when I look at the interest I am paying, but without it I couldn't choose where I live and obviously having a property is an investment.

For those that are not so great at saving money but have got in a situation where they need cash fast, there are Payday loans available.  These are everywhere at the moment, you can find them online, in newspapers or on the TV adverts.  They are perfect for a short cash injection which you payback in a couple of weeks on payday.   Interest rates vary so do look around.  And remember the most important thing about borrowing money is ensuring you pay it back when you say you will.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Understanding How Horoscopes Can Help You

A lot of people are fond of reading horoscopes. Perhaps, you're even one of those who are fascinated and intrigued by it. There's no question why many individuals consider this interesting since most people seek answers and predictions to what the future will bring them. With this fact, you'll not wonder why they can be found everywhere. You can read them in books, magazines, newspapers, internet, etc.  If you want to know how horoscopes can help you, then read on.

There are many fields under horoscopes and you can select which field you want to get predictions or answers from. The various areas are: love, money, success, health, and many more. But the first four things enumerated are the common ones. They are usually found in many periodicals. Although some people are skeptical on the various readings provided, some have been benefiting from it because it has helped them decide what course of action to take.

In the area of love, one will find answers on how to handle relationships. One will also find their characteristics and nature as a lover based on zodiac signs. This area will give suggestions on which zodiac signs is compatible with each other and will go perfect together as a couple. But, this will not restrict one on his or her choice of partner because it is just advises. Other than the things mentioned this area will also guide singles on where to find potential partners and how to behave properly in during love encounters.

Another field focuses on money and it helps people safeguard their finances. It will give advices on how one should handle money in order to be successful. It will also give advises on how one can practice maximum financial independence. Many people especially businessmen and investors read this section because they want some guidance when they make decisions.

The next area is success and this deals with concerns on success in many aspects: Businesses, love, studies, work, etc. Mainly, this section usually tackles on work success and on how one can handle pressures during work. It will give guidance to employees on how they should handle work situations on a specific day or week. Workers will know what to do and what to avoid during work when they read this section.

The last common area is health. This area tackles on how an individual should take care of his or her health to avoid problems in the future especially on health. This will also give advises on what food groups are perfect for one's well-being.

If you want to read your daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes, you can easily find it by reading magazines and newspapers. You can also check the internet and subscribe on websites that provide free daily readings. Or, if you are a member of popular networking sites, they also have applications such as daily horoscopes which you can easily access everyday. Now, you do see how horoscopes can help you?

Carolyn Clayton works for English Astrologer Patrick Arundell who offers Horoscope & Astrology readings including love horoscopes, chinese horoscopes and Free Tarot.
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Monday, 1 November 2010

Thank you Prof David Nutt

I just want to thank Prof David Nutt for writing the Lancet journal which caused hit the news.  I have known this for years. He should never have been sacked but obvious why he was.  Most of the government are on the drug alcohol, hence the state of the country.

It always annoys me when people talk about drink and drugs as two separate entities.  They are both drugs and the legal one is the far more harmful as this report shows.  I didn't need to research and write a report, its clear to see in my eyes.  I often say to people if alcohol was invented today it would be illegal.  Drugs are drugs.  If you drink everyday or once a week, you are what is labeled as a drug addict.

Sixth on the list is tobacco.  This must be one of the most addictive, I have tried giving up so many times but it took a hard hit of reality when I was told I may have the beginning of COPD this year. I gave up smoking in May, I am doing well, using nicotine replacements, but I have had a couple blibs when I've had the dreaded drug alcohol!  Also my lovely Dad is going through chemo for lung cancer.

Any I hope this gets through to people.