Monday, 28 January 2013

My dear old friend Claire-Barrett-Smith is venturing out on the internet with her textile work.  She is a great artist and a talented teacher.  You can view here work here:


Monday, 21 January 2013

SEA LIFE Blackpool

Blackpool is the fourth largest populated town in England. It is a sea side borough situated on the coast of Irish Sea. The people of England like to spend their summer in the coast of Blackpool. The seven mile long coast line and its sea life offers the visitors a cool feast during summer. Hence it is called as coastal hamlet.

Sea Life Centre
Sea Life centre in the Blackpool is one of the famous tourist spot to be visited by everyone. There are wide varieties of marine creatures in the Sea Life centre. This aquarium is located near the Centre Pier on Promenade. It hosts many rare marine species like the sea horse, slender pipefish, bow - mouth guitar shark and many more. The sea life centre in Blackpool attracts a large number of tourists around the world especially for its tunnel walk and the interactive rock pool experience.

Walk – Through Shark Tank
The special feature of this Sea Life centre is the walk – through shark tank. This tank consists of various types of fishes and sharks like the ray shark and bow – mouth guitar shark. The tank has got a walking passage in between which makes us feel very close to the sharks. This would be an amazing experience for the marine admirers. A sense of fear would be there in every one’s mind while going through the sharks. One can spot the blunt – nosed sharks swim across while moving through the tunnel and have a great feel around them.

Interactive Rockpool
A safe rockpool is created with mild and harmless marine creatures like crab, starfish, sea squirt and other shelled creatures. This is also called as a touch pool. The visitors are allowed to touch and hold the crabs in their hands. There will be guides to help the visitors in holding crabs without being nipped. Touching the live star fish would be a great joy for the visitors. The visitors can also feed these creatures. They can watch the little creatures moving and feeding.

Ollie, the Octopus
The Blackpool’s Sea Life Centre has got a famous octopus named Ollie. This Ollie has got a lot of fans. Visitors come to the aquarium just to meet this octopus. Ollie is very friendly with the visitors and children especially. It has got unique feeding habits and makes its home very decorative. The way it moves around the water attracts the visitors’ attention. One can know more about Ollie, its feeding habits, its history and its life style while making a visit to Sea Life centre in Blackpool. Spending time with this octopus would be more fun.

Sea – View Cafe
Relaxing after these wonderful and interactive sessions is what would be in the minds of every visitor. Sea Life provides the visitors with a sea – view cafe to spend their leisure time. One can have snack and drink in this cafe while having the view of the sea wonders nearby. Leisure gazing of the marine beauty is possible in our cafe while one can fill their tummy too.
The Sea Life Blackpool offers more fun such as the soft play area for the kids and many events and shows are conducted by the authorities to spread the information about sea life. There would be demonstrations throughout the day about the feeding of various marine lives. 

If like me you live in the Midlands, there is a SEA LIFE center in Birmingham which is perfect if you are looking for kids things to do in the midlands.