Thursday, 30 September 2010

Professional and Reliable for the Conveying of Fish Feed and Most Food Products

Flexible and Space Efficient Bucket elevators provide a very space-efficient system for the combined horizontal and vertical conveying of bulk products, such as fish feed. The system ensures careful handling as the product remains undisturbed from inlet to outlet with no change of product form, volume or weight. Thus the product is not exposed to any mechanical influence; as is often the case with alternative conveyor types.

The bucket elevator is also a very flexible conveying system, catering to each customer’s individual needs. The inlets and outlets can be placed along the conveyor as required and the length, height and width of the elevator are specifically engineered to maximise the performance of each individual machine. The modular system also allows for a wide selection of construction forms and, in addition, the power consumption of the bucket elevator is much lower than that of the conventional conveying systems.

Buckets are supplied in many different standard sizes. The buckets can be made from a variety of materials, such as mild and stainless steel or polypropylene, depending upon the type of product to be conveyed and machines can operate between temperatures that range from -25˚C to 250˚C.

The food processing sector is a very important market for Gough & Co. (Engineering) Ltd., whose elevators are also employed to convey cornflakes, peanuts, crips and innumerable other foodstuffs, as the gentle operation of the system ensures that goods are not damaged during transport. The elevators are also suitable for the transportation of non-food products like seeds and wooden pellets or abrasive products, such as fly ash, coal, gravel or crushed marble.

Numerous Options
Your bucket elevator will be created uniquely for the job it has to do and this enables Gough & Co. to offer a range of specially designed add-ons that will enhance the performance and efficiency of the elevator. Available customisations include:
- A newly developed product dispenser. This ensures optimum distribution in the buckets, a gentle handling of the product and prevents unnecessary product waste.
- An automatic chain lubrication system which is installed to ensure lower power consumption, less noise and increased reliability.

As a standard feature, the elevators are equipped with an automatic chain tension adjuster. This ensures a constant optimum chain tension and lowers maintenance costs.

Why Choose a Gough Bucket Elevator?

Gentle, quiet and reliable conveying
Space-efficient and flexible
Energy saving with a low power consumption
Optimum and simple capacity control
Minimum maintenance required
24 hour telephone service
70 years experience

Gough & Co. (Engineering) Ltd.
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Monday, 27 September 2010


We all love weddings (well us girls do, anyway!), and last September I went to a fabulous wedding. It was my cousin and her gorgeous French boyfriend, Sylvain, a tall, dark haired, dark-eyed specimen with the sexiest accent I have ever heard.

aI was very close to my cousin, spending most of my childhood in her company. She is 10-months younger then me (which she constantly reminds me of - and adds a couple of months, telling everyone she is the younger by a year!). Growing up, I was the tomboy, and my cousin, Ellie, was the sensible one. She was very academic, I excelled at sport. I was clumsy, she was elegant. We were like chalk and cheese, but we went together like fish and chips. I adored her, and I knew she adored me.

When she told me she had met this French boy, Sylvain, and thought that “this was the one”, I couldn’t wait to meet him. He was working as a trainee chef, spoke very good English, and was everything she had said he was. After three years, they announced their wedding date. I spent long, happy hours with Ellie, helping her arrange her wedding.

She said she had always wanted to get married in her little village church, and Sylvain had agreed, but was uncertain how keen his family would be. Ellie had met her future in-laws, but not all of the family, and wanted desperately to make them feel at relaxed at her wedding. The wedding breakfast was to be all French cuisine, and she arranged with the Vicar to have certain parts of the service translated. She even bought her wedding dress in Paris. Next came the wedding gift list, and it was my suggestion that we ask for French gifts, which would make Sylvain happy, and would delight all his family.

Knowing guests would not be able to travel to France to buy a wedding present, I surfed the internet, and found the perfect site and passed the information on. Everyone was grateful.

The wedding went like a dream - I was chief bridesmaid, and was so proud of how my lovely cousin looked. Later after the wedding breakfast, the bride and groom decided to unwrap their presents, so they could personally thank everyone. There were some wonderful French gifts - some for the kitchen, some for the dining room, and others to be scattered around. I particularly liked the pottery, and vowed to start collecting it myself. The look of pleasure on Sylvain’s family told everyone that they knew he had made a wise choice making my cousin his wife.

Well, that was all 9-months ago, and their first anniversary is coming up. I have been back on the internet to my favourite site, and know exactly what I am buying them for their first anniversary present. The site has many practical gifts, some being quite good conversation pieces, and certainly different from anything I could buy locally, and, more importantly, it is really authentic.

I am getting married next year, to a Scotsman, and if anyone suggests once more that we have haggis for our wedding breakfast, I am going to suggest we get married in secret!!

Live Journal

Live Journal

Friday, 17 September 2010

New Bathroom is Beautiful

I have just had a brand new bathroom installed and I must say it is beautiful. I choose all the tiles and furniture myself and luckily I pulled it off. Its my first bit of house renevation and I am glad it went well!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

"TO BE OR NOT TO BE" that is the question!

So what is the answer? Only one person can answer that - YOU! We all want answers to our questions, that is why many turn to astrologers.

A good astrologer will never tell you what you should do. He may try to guide you, or drop some hints, but that is all. We all have different backgrounds and lives, and where a positive answer might be right for one person, it most certainly would not be for another. When we read our stars signs in magazines, they are always very general. What seems appropriate for a 16 year old girl, certainly would not apply to a 75 year old woman.

The only way to make it more personal is to have a private reading. A good astrologer has studied for years and years, and has probably practiced on friends long before offering his services to the public. He needs to know that his methods are 100% accurate, and has to be completely confident in what he is doing.

From the day we were born, we all have choices in life, and it is up to us to make the right choices. Sometimes this is very difficult, and quite often astrology can help. It cannot make the choice for you, but can guide you along the right path. How many times have you heard people say ".....I had no choice, I had to do it" Wrong, they did have a choice, they just chose the one they thought was the right one. Whether it was or not, without knowing all the circumstances, who can tell?

For centuries scholars been intrigued by the heavens, and the art of astrology dates back hundreds of years before Christ. Some people have let it rule their lives, while more sensible people use it to enhance their lives. No doubt you have noticed how a lot of "top celebrities" have their own astrologer, even members of royalty have been known to consult them They all have very busy lives, but still have the time and need for guidance.

By giving an astrologer all the vital details he needs, you can be sure that your chart will only apply to you, not everyone else born under the same sign, or even on the same day. It is important to choose the right astrologer, one who can offer credentials. If you do, who knows, you may be able to answer the "TO BE OR NOT TO BE " question.

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