Friday, 20 November 2009

Horoscopes by Patrick Arundell

English Astrologer Patrick Arundell was born at the Jesuit College, Stonyhurst, Lancashire, UK. A Sun Aquarian, Patrick also has the Moon, Venus, and his Imum Coeli, or bottom of his Natal Chart as well as Chiron, in the sign of Aquarius.

With an Ascendant in Libra and Uranus, the ruler of astrology, Conjunct his Midheaven, the part of his Natal Horoscope linked to career, Patrick’s path as an Astrologer could be said to be karmic. He also has the highly penetrative and psychological planetary angle or Aspect of Pluto Trine Mercury, which gives him a natural instinct for research and analysis.

Patrick has been a professional astrologer for 14 years, and is self-taught and his interest first began when he was still at High School. That interest became, over time, a burning quest to understand what made himself and others tick. A Diploma qualified management career initially ensued cumulating in the role of an Operations Controller managing 800 people, followed by business consultancy. But astrology was like a clarion call, and eventually Patrick became compelled to study in greater depth before leaving business behind and taking the plunge as a professional astrologer.

Patrick’s work is now distributed through 200 newspapers, magazines and websites worldwide and he his writing is being increasingly sought after. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists and believes it is highly important to add credibility to astrology’s standing in the general media.

Astrology may be derided by some, but Patrick’s background in a conventional business environment demonstrates how seriously he plies his craft. He sincerely believes astrology can be a wonderful tool for greater personal understanding and the greater promotion of personal and inter-relationship harmony.

Patrick’s favoured charities are Cancer Research The Red Cross and Concern He has also had a longstanding interest in environmental issues, and the Friends of the Earth.

Patrick lives in the Medieval town of Shrewsbury, in the West Midlands where he has resided for 21 years. He has been a lifetime fan of Swindon Town Football Club - Other interests include playing piano and guitars, France and running. He also has avidly followed modern jazz for many years and modern soul music.

Patrick has never married. His has "companion" has been a much loved half Burmese Black Cat Ted, who had three legs, who sadly died age 12 from liver disease on 20th October 2009. Ted will never be forgotten, always loved and cherished.

For aparkling writing style and insights from the UK's most original and sincere Astrologer Patrick Arundell

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