Saturday, 30 January 2010

iPhone 3g s

I'm loving my new phone. Got to get better at my typing speed though.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More income - Less Work!

Would you like your monthly income to increase? If you have savings or shares bringing small interest (which most are during these bad times), maybe you should consider moving your investment to something more solid with a guaranteed return every month, regardless how long this recession continues.

Consider property - the one thing that will always be in demand. Everyone needs a roof over their heads, and because of the economic situation, more people are opting to rent. Negative equity is what every homeowner dreads, especially with the threat of losing their jobs.

There are genuine companies who can really help you. They understand how busy a lot of us are, and have no time to comb the market. Simply contact them, give them a rough idea of your budget, and leave the rest to them.

Should you need extra finance, they will arrange it for you. They will check out all rentable properties on the market, they will purchase it for you for a good price. They renovate it, decorate it, and turn it into a very attractive proposition. Having done all this, they will find the right tenant for you, do any legal work that is necessary, check references, and ensure that you get the rent every month . They will guarantee the rent, even if the tenant should default. You will get a detailed, easy to understand, breakdown of all the services, and exactly what your monthly income will be.

While all this is being done, you just sit back and relax, and although they will keep you informed at every stage of the transaction, they take all the work, worry and stress off your shoulders.

While enjoying extra income every month, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your original investment is safe. So if you are not happy with the interest you are getting on your savings, give property some very serious thought - you can't lose.

Happy Home Investments ltd are an all-in-one property investment company. Contact us for great Return on Investment Midlands and Buy to Let Nottingham solutions.

Getting into the Live Events Industry.

Are you looking for a job in the Events Industry but are struggling to get your foot on that ladder? Maybe you have recently been to a concert or festival which has made you realise you’re in the wrong job and your future is in the events industry. There are many specialist recruitment companies you could enlist the help from but like any job, experience is vital. So how do you get experience in a job you have never done before...

Well quite simply the best way into any industry that you have no experience in is to simply offer your services as a volunteer. You will gain a wealth of experience through volunteering at live venues. With the event industry you will be working with large groups of people, solving problems, have to be organised and motivated, all of which would be great experience and look great on your CV. If your keen and work hard you could even get yourself a reference. Having voluntary work on your CV shows potential employers you’re keen to work and serious about working in the industry.

So where to you start? There are many concert halls, conventions, clubs, sporting events around the country that you could approach. The types of jobs are very varied. Jobs such as security, catering, runners, AV (audio visual) crew, technical crew, sales, managers, directors, talent bookers, waiters, managers and directors... I could go on. You could start of as a runner, and in a few years being running the whole show!

If you’re thinking of working at a music festivals and the like because you think it’s a great way of going to all the events without paying. Well this could be classed as one perk, but you will be working away, possible behind the scenes and not have time to sit and watch the show. Your there to help the show go as smoothly as possible. As a volunteer you should be watching and learning from all the paid event workers, making yourself invaluable. Volunteering could be classed as a form of networking because you will working along site like-minded business people in the industry. If you show you stuff, get some contacts you will soon be well on the way to working alongside these people but being on the payroll.

Once you have experience you could approach events or recruitment companies. You could look online as most recruitment companies show all their vacancies on their websites. But it is all down to you. Like any job, you need to work hard, sell yourself well the fruits of your labour will come to harvest.

For more information of events jobs including event management jobs contact Live-recruitment today.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


French windows, french beans, french grey, french horns, french knots and french polish. These are just a few of the things we assume are french. However through the power of the internet, we are in a lucky position to purchase genuine french articles.

France has always been known as the country of "love" (ask any frenchman!). In fact "romance" is nearer the truth. This is because the Romance language is spoken in the south east of France, in the old province of Provence. Provence is a district of France east of the lower river Rhone, originally a Roman province, being the first to be established outside Italy. Hence the roman influence on the language, calling it the "Romance" language.

Provence is known for it's many crafts, pottery being one of the most popular, and unique to the area. Items found in homes in Province, are rare in other homes in different parts of France.

Because of its romantic link, many items are sought after - especially the pottery. Collectors of genuine Provencal items are in luck, as these can be purchased via the internet. We have Boutiques that specialise in collectables from Provence at very competitive prices. Items to give your kitchen that "French look", or items to convert your dining room into a continental eating room. I does not take much to give it that special look you are looking for. Sometimes, just the odd item of small furniture can enhance any room, and is sure to be a conversation opener when guests call.

Whether you are a romantic and want to adorn your home with "romantic" articles, or whether you like to collect different types of pottery, there is something to suit you. So if you want to put a little romance in your life, start collecting Provencal items, and make sure they can be seen through your French windows!

For French country style home accessories check out Boutique Provencale.