Monday, 22 September 2008

Stop moaning about money everyone!

I am sick to death of hearing about the credit crunch and people are suffering because this has gone up and that has gone up. What a shame they can't buy this and can't get credit for that. If the nation was EDUCATED on how to handle money we wouldn't be in this situation. Why isn't money management taught at schools?

I learnt the hard way, being in a bedsit from the age of 15 soon taught me how to manage money. I have been living as if there were a credit crunch ever since. Living on benefit as a single parent also taught me well. I learnt that you can live off very little and still save a bit for a rainy day. I must have been the richest single parent I knew as my son and I never went without. I am the same today, if I want something; I save money up then buy it! Yes some people still actually do this! It is called saving! I have always saved. There is nothing more satisfying that buying something that you have spent weeks saving for. Sometimes you save the money but then realise you don’t really want it now anyway. Now if I was living in most people’s reality I would have got a credit card and bought it regardless and it would be in the cupboard collecting dust by now. No wonder I have more money than most people I know and less junk. I don’t mean to brag but I have more money than a lot of people who earn twice what I do. If I suddenly smash my car up, get a huge gas bill or need a suit for an interview I have back up, I just use my savings. There is no way I am going to borrow money and then pay interest on it. That is a sure way of getting into debt. Why don't people realise this?

So you see I have no sympathy for those struggling and having to make cut backs. It serves you right for living in the materialistic, egotistic world where you are always trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’. Good always comes from bad situations, and the good that has come out of our situation now is that everyone is thinking about what they spend their money on. People are having to make cut backs. Even the guys with the big salary are looking at how to cut costs. Poor them and poor you, it means nothing to me, nothing’s changed in my life, except my bills are higher! Whoopee! Could I care less? No. I am very bloody lucky, at least I have a house that has electricity, I have heating, I have my health, a job I love, a family, air to breath, I live in a free society, I can do what I want (within reason) and I am happy because of it. If you are struggling with your life and finances, look around the world, you will see you really are very luckily and fortunate.

Right that’s my moan over with. Sorry if I have upset anyone, it isn’t intentional. I just hope I made someone stop and think. It isn’t all that bad really is it?

Friday, 19 September 2008

New Job and Holiday Booked!

I start my new job in 3 week as Head of Internet Services for Be Vivid where we have plans to start a new search business. So looking forward to that. Also booked our holiday to Cancun next May! can't wait. The apartment in Corralejo will have to wait.

So everything is very exciting at the moment, plenty to look forward too.

Stick Insects

Well it's all go here. My youngest son is now the prowd owner of some Indian Stick Insects. They are very stick like! Funny that.. But he is happy with them.

The only trouble now is that at the pet shop he spotted some bearded dragons, and after asking him what he might like for Christmas the only thing he could of think of, (after going through the argos mag) is....yup bearded dragons! Mmmm, I can see where this is going. It will be a bloomin snake next!