Friday, 11 November 2016

Cognitive SEO Free Trial Review Scam/Con

All I seem to write about lately is dodgy companies. Beware if you planning on signing up for the free trial at Cognitive SEO. Cognitive SEO Free Trial is a Scam or Con.

I thought I would see if their tools had improved so went for this. They claim you get a 14 day trial for free and then only $99/month. No Obligations. You can Cancel Anytime.

 So I went for it and put a reminder note on my calendar to cancel before the end of the 14 days.

 It stated I had till the 9th of November to cancel. But they took money on on the 24th October for 97.25.

I contacted them to complain and they then offered me a so called special deal and refund the difference.

Well on the same day they refunded me 75.53, but also took out another 133.83 which only today I have noticed.

Conning buggers! I have emailed them to ask what they are playing at. I will update when I know more.

They better refund me or I will shout louder.


Nodas Moraitis said...

I don't think they are scam.
Recently my account charged automatically in Paypal.
I contacted them and asked them to cancel my account and refund the money.
They did so after 6 hours.
I can prove my sayings!

Unknown said...

I have the similar situation. I forgot to unsubscribe. So my subscription was paid after 14 days. After explanantion the situation the CognitiveSEO made me a refund. I am very grateful for this.

Joseph Dark said...

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