Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Thai Boxing

For the last few months I have been going to my local Thai Boxing club run by Kru Matt Kendall.  It kills me every time I go but afterwards I feel great.  As I go to the women's club its more fitness based than technical which is fine for me at the moment.  I may move up to the more technical classes as my fitness improves. The women's sessions involve a lot of different exercises, some days we use weights, some days we use the punch bags, sometimes you run about playing tag, but each session involves a good few hundred (or as many as you can do) of crunches and sit ups and pad work (punching and kicking).  Each week there is a new exercise introduced so you never get bored. You learn how to punch and kick and general Thai boxing techniques.  It is quite addictive and a great stress reliever. I imagine the pads are Google (well Google of late since they improved their algorithm!).

Those that want to try Telford Thai Boxing can print the voucher below for two weeks completely free.  Just right click the image, click "save image as" then save it somewhere and then print it out.. If you want a hardcore work out then this is for you.  But don't let that put you off.  It really is good fun and everyone is very friendly.