Monday, 19 January 2015

Why I love Russel Brand

I love Russel Brand. I first come across him in his early Big Brother days and I knew he was going to  be big. Straight away I loved his lingo and sense of humor. As his fame grew and he starting talking about his spirituality I realised he was on the same page as me. A lot of his beliefs are the same as mine.  Many of my friends and family thought he talked rubbish and couldn't understand what I or anyone saw in him.  Then he did the Paxman interview and the revolution kicked off.  Finally someone is speaking the truth or rather trews now.  I've never voted, like he says there is no one offering real change.  I would vote for him without question, he talks common sense which seems to be lacking in politics and corporations. He is and is talking about things I have been the thinking for years.  He's a male me!  I've been saying for years the country is run by rich corrupt businessmen and how politics will never work until the money is taken out of the game.  I totally agree with his views on drugs and basically everything he says.


Here here!  Keep up the good work Brand, the world needs more people like you.