Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Chocolate Syns

I have put a list of Christmas chocolate syns to help me (and anyone reading) through these tricky times!  Luckily for me my favourite chocs are not too bad so I will enjoy a few over the next week or so. My favs are bold!

For other Slimming world members here is the list:

Ferrero Rocher - 3.5 syns
Cadbury Chocolate Eclair - 1.5 syns
Cadbury Christmas Dairy Milk Coin - 1.5 syns
Cadbury Christmas Snow Bites - 1 syn
Cadbury Christmas Snowman 150g pack, 25g serving - 6.5 syns
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar, 6g miniature - 1.5 syns
Cadbury Milk Chocolate Tree Decorations - 2.5 syns
Cadbury Miniature Heroes - 2.5 syns
Cadbury Roses Chocolates - 2.5 syns
Celebrations Advent Calendar Chocolates - 2 syns
Celebrations Chocolate Miniatures - 2 syns
Galaxy Gift For You - 10 syns
Lint Lindor Balls all varieties - 4 syns
Mars Celebrations Chocolates - 2.5 syns
Nestle After Eight - 2 syns
Nestle Quality Street - 2.5 syns
Terry's Chocolate Orange, segment - 2.5 syns
Terry's Chocolate Orange, whole - 50 syns
Terry's Chocolate Segsations - 2 syns

Monday, 12 December 2011

Diet going well...

I have been on the slimming world diet for 6 weeks now and have lost a total of 12 pounds.  It is going completely to plan. If I can get two more pound off this week I will have lost a stone.  Then it will be just 7 pound to loose to reach my target weight of 11st 7 pounds.  (I am 5ft 11 1/2inches by the way).  Basically I will be back to my normal self, which all my mates call skinny.  But I will be far from skinny, just a healthy weight for my size. The main thing is that I will be able to go shopping and find some clothes to fit me.

Slimming World Syns - Crisps

According to the lastest Slimming World magazine below is a list of syns for popular crisps.

Quavers, (multipack, 17g bag,) = 4 1/2 syns
French Fries, all flavours (multipack, 19g bag) = 4 syns
Skips, all flavours (multipack, 15.5g bag) = 4 Syns
Frazzels (multipack, 23g bag) = 5 1/2 Syns
Twiglets Original (multipack, 25g bag) = 5 Syns
Pom-Bear Origianal (multipack, 19g bag) = 5 Syns
Twiglets Original (multipack, 25g bag) = 5 Syns
Pringles, all flavours (multipack, 40g can) = 10 1/2 Syns
Hula Hoops, all flavours (multipack, 25g bag) = 6 1/2 Syns
Nick Naks, all flavours (multipack, 25g bag) = 7 Syns
Kettle Chips, all flavours (multipack, 30g bag) = 7 1/2 Syns
Doritos, all flavours (multipack, 30g bag) = 7 1/2 Syns

No wonder I had put the weight on. I used to eat loads of crisps.  One of my favourite treats at the weekend was 2 or 3 packs of Doritos with cheesy dip washed down with full fat coke!