Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Perhaps Jack the ripper was a woman!

Whenever you read articles about Jack the Ripper it is always presumed that the killer is a man. There are over 20 suspects all of which are men. What if the killer was actually a woman? Let’s look at the evidence. Women were killed and mutilated late at night. Organs were removed quite neatly apparently. Whoever did this would have been covered in blood on those nights.  If what is suspected is true, that it was a smart middle or upper-class man, perhaps a doctor, then surely someone well dressed and covered in blood would have been seen by someone and looked odd.  Who could roam the streets of London covered in blood without anyone noticing or looking odd?  How about a midwife?  It's just a thought, but why not?  A woman scorned is not to be underestimated. 

 I need a Coalport China Museum hit soon!

Young me!

Wow, I just stumbled across this pic of me when I was young. That's my gorgeous son who is 21 in a few weeks. My blog needs more images so thats a start

Girl power and all that!

Anyone who knows me know that I am all for girl power! Women have been suppressed for far to long and been expected to be men's slaves. Still men today think a women's place is in the home. You only have to look into the novels of Jane Austen to get an insight into the lives of the middle and upper classes in early 19th century women. Brit Movie Tours offers a great Jane Austen Tour which gives an insight into this great British woman.  Sadly Jane's days as a author didn't see her get the credit for her great work until after she died.  She is just one of the women from our history which have made it possible for me to do what I do.  Thanks to Frances Buss and her legacy I could go to university which before her time would have been impossible.   I am very grateful for all the women of the past and presant which have made it possible for me to be me.  I hope other religions and cultures evolve so that every women in the world is free to do as she wishes without any abuse from men.