Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Construction Recruitment

Farsight Recruitment Ltd are a construction recruitment agency based in Derby, Midlands offering bricklaying jobs, engineering jobs, electrical jobs and much more.

Hiring agency staff is the ideal solution when your company needs temporary or permanent labour.  Maybe you have deadlines to meet or have an unexpected growth spurt.  Also they are ideal when it comes to covering holidays and sickness.

4lb down

I have successfully lost 2 lb a week since I started my diet.  So it works.  I am not going hungry, far from it, in fact I am eating more now than I ever was before, the only difference is that its all healthy.

I am aiming for a lose of 3 lb this week so I hit my half a stone mark and receive a certificate!

Monday, 7 November 2011

My Diet

Last week I started a diet using slimming world.  My mum runs a local slimming world club and because I think I could do with losing a few pounds I decided to join.  One week later I am two pounds lighter!  Only 19 left to go.  ( I want to lose 1 1/2 stone) I was hoping for a bigger lose but as I was told as I have less to lose, I will lose is slower!  All of the other first timers lost up to 5lb in their first week!  I was hoping for about 4.  I am no surprised as I ate more last week then I ever have in a week. But it was all healthy and I lost weight. 

The diet is good as you can eat anything you want really.  You just have to monitor the naughty stuff.   The trouble for me is that some of the naughty stuff is what I use in my cooking. But I am learning alternatives.  The past week I learned about Quark which is a low fat soft cheese which you can sweeten (with sweeter of course, not sugar) to become and alternative to cream.  I made this fab roll cake with raspberries which was very nice.  I also made home made chicken kievs and chips.  All slimming world style.  It was yum. I am planning on cooking a burger this week.  I am determined to eat all my junk food but at home with me cooking it healthily.  Why hasn't someone come up with a healthy version of mc Donalds or KFC?  Maybe this should be my next project.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Life is Great!

Life is good for me right now.  I have had about a year of worry and sadness with my dad dieing of cancer but I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.  My dad was an inspiration for me and he has left me in a very comfortable position which I will be eternally grateful.

Business is great.  Things just get better and better on that front.  I am learning new tricks all the time which I will be keeping to myself.  There was a time a few months ago when work was very stressful. But this was down to the stress of my dads illness and a pushy client.  But that has long gone and now everything is fine.  In life you meet all sorts of people, some are positive some negative.  If you want a positive outcome in work and life, stick to positive people, as the others will bring you down.

Things are sweet and life is great! Thanks Dad. 

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