Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Historically an Orangery was a place for the cultivation of oranges and lemons and other exotic plants. Today the term "Orangery" refers to a largely glazed building with a glass roof. The Orangery is now often attached to the main house and used as room as well as for plants. Additionally many "Orangeries" are no longer built out of stone but primarily out of timber or UPVC.

Cristal clear offer Orangeries in Shropshire.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

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SEO tips and advice.

Get an SEO expert FIRST!

Most people who want a website find a company and talk to them about the design and functionality of the site. The web company will tell you all about their CMS system and how you can upload pages and edit content really easy etc etc. If you get a good feeling you may go ahead and get the site built – hundreds of pounds later! BIG MISTAKE! Once the site is finished it goes live on your domain and that’s it, you are now the proud owner of a snazzy website. All sounding fine and dandy so far right? WRONG!

Next you sit and wait and wait and wonder why you haven’t had any sales or visitors to you site. If your site is selling “cane furniture” for example you might try to Google those keywords. When your site doesn’t come up your annoyed as the sites that are coming up are pretty naff in your eyes. So you then start researching why. After searching through many websites you come across a little thing in the business known as SEO. BINGO! You think! Now I know I need to have my site optimised for the search engines, so you go in search of an SEO company. After the shock of the cost quoted, you then might be tempted to look for a freelancer who can do the same job half the price. Found one BRILLIANT! WRONG!

Now once you have the SEO expert on bored they then start to investigate your website. A competent SEO expert will know exactly what changes will be needed to make the site visible and go about making these changes until they are hit with a big bomb shell. The lovely snazzy website their client is so proud of isn’t that great at all. It was built using software that cannot be changed. Content managed websites are great for those who need to update their sites regularly but if the CMS wasn’t built with SEO in mind you have a big problem. CRASH!
Unfortunately there are many web designers out there that charge WAY too much money for a content managed website. Web designers DO NOT know about SEO and if they say they do they probably can talk the talk but can they walk the walk. Generally not. Web designers and companys often state they do SEO but most don’t. They just go off and either use a piece of freeware (software that anyone can use free) or buy a particular piece of software. The prices vary but some CMS software starts from as little as $25. However they tell you they are building it just for you and it will take 4 weeks and around £3000. DISCUSTING! There are hundreds of companies like these and they are ripping people off every day. SEO is a specialised subjected that is not taught to university students studying web design. So what should you have done?

Well if you want a website that brings in customers and sales then you will need an optimised website. Your first port of call should be an SEO specialist. You need to discuss at length what you want the site to do and then list all of the functions and necessities before you look for a web designer or programmer. A better idea is letting the SEO expert do the software or web designer search as they will be able to ask the right questions to ensure you get a website that is both easy to use and search engine friendly.

So the moral of this story is, if you want to have a website built and you want it to come up in Google, target traffic and bring in sales then get an SEO expert FIRST! It could save you thousands!