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Looking for a family freindly rewarding career?

Are you looking for a new family friendly career? Would you like to work hours that fit in with the needs of your own family? Do you love babies? Would you love the opportunity to work with babies? Would you like a career which is generally rewarding and enhances the wellbeing of babies and their parents? If you have answered yes to all of these questions then maybe you should think about training as a baby massage and yoga teacher.

The beauty of becoming a baby yoga and massage teacher is that you can easily fit the career around the needs of your own growing family. You can work part-time, say around 15 hours but still earn a full-time income of potentially £20,000 a year. This sounds like the perfect job for busy mums who love being around babies and likeminded parents.

You may ask what skills are needed to train as a baby yoga and baby massage teacher. Well none to put it bluntly. You don’t need any previous skills in working with mothers and babies and you don’t need to be super fit. All you need is a passion in helping others share the amazing benefits that baby yoga and massage can give to parents and babies. Also you need some determination to succeed, but that can be said for any business.

The benefits of baby massage and baby yoga are recognised by the NHS, midwives and other health organisations and professionals. Baby massage and baby yoga are revolutionary new topics which have the potential to help mothers and babies all over the UK to bond and keep healthy. The techniques aid babies with neural development, balance, co-ordination and sensory motor skills. What better way to give a child a very beneficial start in life.

Once qualified you will be able to work in fitness clubs within your local community and of course working the hours that suit you and your needs. This is so important with the type of life mothers lead today. With so many commitments and responsibilities it’s becoming increasingly difficult to try and juggle both a family life and a career, but it seems we are expected too. The hardest and most important job in the world is bring up children well. They are the next generation and so many children are just being palmed off to nannies who may do a good job, but there is nothing better than a nurturing motherly instinct when it comes to bringing up children. This can be acheieved if you decide you want a career as a baby yoga and baby massage teacher.

Looking for Baby Massage Training courses or Baby Massage Classes? MamaBabyBliss offer Affiliate Integrated Diploma in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga where you will be taught techniques straight from appointed Pampers baby yoga expert and founder of MamaBabyBliss, Justina Perry. Within just 4 months you could be qualified and ready to start enjoying a family friendly career.

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New sites coming soon..

Some new sites being built at the moment are Midlands Wedding Cakes and Shropshire Wedding Cakes.

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Bringing The Provencal Look To Your Home Easily

French country furniture was most popular in the 18th century, much of it came from the Bouches de Rhone region particularly Arles, Tarascon, Beucaire and Avignon. It is hard to find original pieces when bringing the Provencal look to your home. This is why people sometimes will use reproductions.

When bringing color into the room think of yellow, pale blues and greens contrasting with wood stained dark and red brick with persimmon as an accent color. Cream and distressed white will put French Country into the theme along with the occasional black accent. The traditional fabric used is toile often showing scenes of animals, picnics or courting against a neutral backdrop. It can used as wallpaper or curtains with faded floral, plaids, checks and stripes. Billowy lace and sheers can be added to the curtains for a romantic and fresh touch.

When selecting furniture there can be a lot of contrast from ladder back chairs with rush seats to graceful lines and delicate curves. Hand-painted, distressed and rustic pieces will add charm. Armoires should be used wherever they can be, one at a minimum and more if used for storage of pots and pans or as a display for linens. Old buffets are great as sink vanities and as a table for the television.

Texture is the look to go for and to achieve it use warm tones on the walls, rush or rattan, stone and natural products. Wrought iron is great as accent pieces along with wire and rattan baskets, metal or wood candlesticks that are distressed, old copper pots and old pitchers. Oriental rugs, fleur de lis designs, roosters and old books are great accent pieces as well. Fresh flowers such as sunflower or lavender create a wonderful ambiance. Hang heirloom pictures on the walls, Parisian scenes and old botanicals.

Decorating with burgundy and yellow captures a rustic style for the kitchen. The walls can be either one of these colors although to paint the room burgundy it should be a large space and yellow is nice for a smaller room. Use thick and durable hardwood furniture and cabinets.

Tile or hardwood on the floor in earth tones like burgundy or brown gives it a cottage feel. Curtains should contrast with the wall color to add visual interest. Granite or hardwood counter tops that match the furniture will work well. Accessorize with cushions on the chairs in matching colors to the paint and curtain scheme. Terracotta and ceramic vases, pots and bowls can hold flowers and utensils. Bringing the Provencal look to your home is fun and easy to do.

Boutique Provencal offer a beautiful range of French Country style accessories, French Pottery, French Gifts and provencal tablecloths which would make really lovely unique gifts.

Doctor Who Locations Tour UK

Doctor Who locations tour UK is a must for fans of this very popular science fiction classic. This adventure begins in London, and takes you through South Wales, and Wiltshire. During those three days, you experience many sights and sounds. Here are some things that you may expect.

First Day

Leave the central part of London, and your journey will begin. There are fifteen stops to make on your London part of the adventure. Visit the Coal Hill School and locations where some scenes have been shot. Often times, you have the chance to take pictures and visit things up close.

If you are a fan of Rose Tyler, there is a special treat, as you pass by her home from the famous show. Perhaps you wish to see 10 Downing Street that is in the "Aliens of London" episode. You can walk up to it and have your picture snapped, while you stand at the front door.

Ending the London trip, there is the Doctor Who Experience. This allows you to see things as the Dr. And travel through space and time, on an amazing trip. You also have the chance to see costumes, sets, props, and things from the show. There will be trivia questions, too.


The Gloucester part of your adventure allows you to see the old Dr. Meet the new one. This is where many of the adventures have been filmed. Finally, you stop for the night there, in very relaxing accommodations.

Second Day

When you leave Gloucester, you will head towards Wales. You receive the chance to visit many areas that are featured in the newer shows. Walk about in the enchanted forest of Byzantium, from the show "Flesh and Stone".

You get to visit with the owner of the Farringham school, which is in the "Human Nature" episode. You also see the actual church from the episode "The Hungry Earth". Next, you will visit Bad Wolf Bay where the famous farewell scene between the Dr. And Rose happens. You will overnight in Upper Leadworth.

Third and Final Day

After you leave Upper Leadworth, you visit the Palace of Versailles. Then the next destination is Cardiff, for a walking tour of Cardiff Bay and a lunch. Leadworth Village is next and then on to London, with a stop at the famous Stonehenge site on the way.


If you are a real Whovian, you will want to take the Doctor Who locations tour UK. It is a three day adventure that starts in London, travels through Wales, and ends back in London. You get the opportunity to visit many places that are well-known to this popular science fiction show. You also get to visit the famous Stonehenge site.

For more information on Doctor Who Locations including the London Movies or other Movie tours such as Harry Potter tours, Gavin and Stacy Tours, James Bond and much more check out Brit Movie Tours.

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  • The law of cause and effect.
  • What goes around comes around.
  • You reap what you sow.
  • Totally innocent victims are rare.
  • No good deed goes unpunished.
  • Your actions create ripples that spread out, echo and constructively/destructively interfere with the ripples from the actions of others.
If you want a definition to boggle your mind try these two:
  • For every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause was skillful or unskillful. A skillful event is one that is not accompanied by craving, resistance or delusions; an unskillful event is one that is accompanied by any one of those things.
  • The Law of Causal Condition is the fundamental doctrine of Buddhism. It states that all phenomena in the universe are produced by causation. Since all phenomena result from complicated causes and effects, all existing things in the universe are inter-dependent, i.e., have no self nature or existence on their own. Existence is defined solely by relationships. Moreover, all phenomena and things are impermanent and constantly changing. Karma is the Law of Causal Condition applied to an individual.

Cosmic Karma

Cosmic Consciousness is the point of view that we are all one. From the point of view of cosmic consciousness, karma is duck simple. If you poke a stick in someone’s eye, it hurts, because it is your eye. It is not, strictly speaking, wicked, just stupid. However, it is little consolation when someone pokes you in the eye that it was you doing it. Similarly, when you give someone a massage, it feels good because they are you. Thieves are sleepwalkers who steal from their own pockets.


From the point of view of security, sensation and power, karma is more complex. There is the illusion of delayed reaction or hysteresis. Think of it this way. Start singing the note G. If other people start singing, they are more likely to sing G or a harmonic of G than any other note.
If you sing a hate note, other people are more likely to start singing a hate note. If you start singing a love note, other people are more likely to start singing a love note. If you start singing a panic note, you start a stampede.
What do you do if you come across a chorus of hate-singing war birds? It is not necessarily the optimal strategy to burst into a love song. They may perceive you as other and peck you to death. Sometimes it is wiser to blend with the flock and gently attempt to lead it to more loving melodies.
Let us therefore reject all superstition in order to become more human; but in speaking against fanaticism, let us not imitate the fanatics: they are sick men in delirium who want to chastise their doctors. Let us assuage their ills, and never embitter them, and let us pour drop by drop into their souls the divine balm of toleration, which they would reject with horror if it were offered to them all at once.
~ Voltaire (born: 1694-11-21 died: 1778-05-30 at age: 83) [François Marie d’Arouet Voltaire]

Birds of a Feather

Saints hang out with saints and thieves hang out with thieves. That is one reason why thieves have more problems with pickpockets.

Security Karma

If you go to the aid of others in distress, others will be more likely to come to your aid when you get yourself in hot water. If you let others starve to death through your inaction, others will let you die in a similar way. If you let others die of diseases, you can’t very well expect others to minister to you if you become sick.

Sensation Karma

If you pleasure others, others are more likely to feel like pleasuring you. If you make others miserable, others will find ways to make your life miserable.

Power Karma

If you are fair in your dealings with others, others will tend to be fair with you. If you bully people into doing what you want, the first chance they get they will rebel and bully you back. If you take unfair advantage of others, others will take unfair advantage of you. If you use excess force to make your point, others will use excess force to make their point with you.

Love Karma

If you are kind to creatures weaker than yourself, creatures wiser than you will treat you kindly.

Cornucopia Karma

If you share your abundance, your horn of plenty will never empty.

Conscious Awareness Karma

If you control your emotions with others, others will control their tempers with you.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Everything you do will offend someone. Even your every inaction will offend someone. You can’t win. It is impossible to please everyone. Your best strategy is just, as filmmaker Spike Lee advised, to Do The Right Thing and forget about karma both good and bad. Get on with your life. Don’t waste time waiting for the karma to drop into your hand like jellybeans from a candy machine.

Cosmic Karma Revisited

When a single person does something drastic, good or bad, the effect may be absorbed and distributed by the universe over many people and many lifetimes. From the point of view of cosmic consciousness, there is only one actor and only one being acted upon. Don’t waste you time worrying about reincarnation and how fat your personal karma account is. Just do the right thing, as best you know.


Why Do Some People Criticize All the Time and Put Others Down?

Are you wondering why this one person in your life is such a thorn in your side, criticizing your every move, telling you how everything you do is wrong, that you look awful and so on. Perhaps they are always putting you down and shouting down ideas that you have. This person may be a work colleague, boss, partner, friend or neighbor. The constant bombardment of negative feedback gets you down, leads to anxiety, reduced self esteem and you can not for the life of you work out why they are so nasty and targeting you for their criticism.

Why do they behave like this and should you fight back?

My experience of people that are always criticizing others is that they are deeply unhappy, have a low self esteem and perhaps even depressed. When people are depressed, sad or insecure often the world becomes very dark and they do see the enemy everywhere. Some people are very jealous of other people's success and deeply resent it. They then start to 'act' out.

It can also be a form of projection. They project onto others what they feel about themselves. When they call you a loser, really this is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves. It is likely too that they consider this how you think about them so they get the insult out there first. The more unkind they are to you, the more distance you create between you, and this results in them trying harder to get your attention.
They feel rejected and try with inappropriate means to re-establish a connection. Look at how 'naughty children' behave when trying to get attention. The attention grabbing efforts are always negative and not positive. Is it possible this person has yet to learn these methods are not effective!

If you are an attractive, bubbly, successful, wealthy person with a nice happy home, great relationship, lovely children, nice car or any number of other things that this person does not have then this is in itself is reason for them to resent you if they are unhappy about what they lack in their own life.

When people take these pot shots at me, I generally see it for what it is. Insecurity and jealousy. I pity them and as such bear them no ill feeling. I may try to help them feel better about themselves or to gain what it is they want but do not have but ultimately if they can't quit their griping which can in the end drive even the strongest person down, then I will distance myself from them, perhaps indefinitely.

Do not let let people like this get you down and remember if you are in anyway at an advantage when compared to them their level of insecurity may make you their target.

If this person is complaining about your ideas perhaps in a work environment, then ask them for their ideas and suggestions. This tends to politely highlight the fact to them that they are complaining but not being at all productive it may also reveal surprising results in that in fact they perhaps do have ideas that may have been overlooked or gone unheard for risk of taking away someone elses lime light.

Either way, they are the ones who are unhappy, depressed, insecure, suffering from low self esteem issues. You can either elect to ignore them or help them but it is perhaps best not to fuel their misery by fighting back and slam dunking them with clever reprisals.
Good luck!

Leah Gray is an experienced Internet Writer and Marketer. For the hottest tips and latest advice on marketing your small business or website, check her site out now:

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Movie Location days out in London..

Fancy a different type of day out in London?  Check out the links below:

Inspector Morse Tour
London Film Locations
Doctor Who Locations
London Movies
Sherlock Holmes Walk

Looking for somewhere to stay? This Kensington Hotel is great value and in a handy location.

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History of Mother's Day

If you’re a mother you will know how much Mother's Day means to you.  We all look forward to our little ones cards and presents whether they are bought or handmade. It makes us feel a bit special and for one day of the year NOT taken for granted.

The history of Mothers day some say dates back to traced back to ancient Greece in honour Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. The Christians in England celebrated the day during the 1600’s to honour the mother of Christ, Mary.  It was much later when the church expanded in its scope to include all mothers, and became known as Mothering Sunday. It is now celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent, which is the 40 day period leading up to Easter.

In the USA, Mother's Day was little bit inspired by the English Mother’s day.  It is thought a social activist Julia Ward Howe suggested the day after the American Civil War.   She was horrified by all the carnage of the Civil War and other wars going on in the 1800’s and issued a manifesto for peace at the international peace conferences in London and Paris.  She became famous for this manifesto which she wrote in 1870.

Now 46 countries around the world celebrate Mothers Day although some of different dates. Obviously like most things today it is very much commercialised and card manufactures’, florists and gift companies like to capitalise on it. Very soon you will see gifts, cards; chocolates all dedicated to this day out on display in all the supermarkets.  The day before Mothering Sunday will see the highest sales of mother’s day’s gifts in local shops as lots of people will be buying their mothers gifts. 

If you are more organised you can now shop from the comfort of your own home and doing your shopping online.  You can spend more time looking for something more unique.  Personalised gifts are nice as you can add your own personal words.  Whatever you do for your mum this year, make sure you thank her for all that she does and let her know you love her.  Most mums would rather just be spoilt all day and not necessarily with gifts.  One whole day where she does not have to make one cup of tea, do the housework, cook a Sunday roast, wash the pots, tidy up. Just one day where she is not taken for granted and her children for once wait on her hand and foot all day....  Bliss... 

Fabgift Stuff offer a fantastic selection of Mothers day Presents and general personalised gift ideas and much more, all with Free UK Postage.

How To Learn About Astrology

Astrology is a study about the position of the stars and the planets as related to someone's birth and how this can have an impact upon their life. The practice has been around for many thousands of years and certainly divides opinion. Some people believe in it wholeheartedly, while others are completely unconvinced. It is possible to learn about the practice free of charge as long as you are resourceful.

One great way of learning about it would be to go and get some books from the local library. You should have absolutely no trouble finding books related to the history of the practice in any library helping you to gather information on the basics. Once you have developed your knowledge of the basic astrological principles then you can begin to enhance your knowledge by going deeper into the different fields of study.

Always make sure that you read astrological forecasts listed in newspapers. The majority of cities and towns will have free newspapers that you can pick up and the majority of these will have astrological forecasts in them. If not, then you can either go down to the local library and read the paid newspapers for free or you may be able to find them lying around on the subway or buses. Regardless, purchasing the paper is very cheap and therefore would be a wise investment.

Talk to a local astrologer and see if you can get some free advice and information from them. If you really are looking for free lessons then it would be a good idea for you to barter with them. Perhaps you have a service or a skill that they could make use of which you can exchange for lessons. If you have the money to spend on lessons and you are really interested in going deeper into the subject, simply pay for them.

Of course, the Internet will provide you with a great deal of information as well. You should be able to find online courses, often free of charge, that will teach you a great deal about the practice. Spend some time gathering as many resources as you can and, if you are only interested in learning the basics, you should have no trouble in doing so by taking advantage of resources such as Wikipedia.

All in all, each of these different resources can be very useful in helping you to learn about astrology, often free of charge.

English Astrologer Patrick Arundell offers Horoscope & Astrology readings including love horoscopes, Chinese Horoscopes and much more.

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Music Legends The Beatles

The beatles went on to become the most influential and successful pop music group of the rock era.  No artists except Elvis Presley had achieved the success, critical acclaim and broad cultural influence as the Beatles did.  It all began when John Lennon decided to form a group in 1957, little did he know that he had laid the foundations of what was to become the most famous rock band of all time.

The group had a few band changed before settling with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star. Lennon and McCartney were the principal songwriters but as the band evolved Harrison and Starr made significant contributions.

Their biggest year was 1964 which saw them conquer America.  It was kind of like being in the right place at the right time because Americans were mourning the death of President John F. Kennedy.  With Elvis in the Army there was a gap in the market.   Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens had sadly been killed in an plane crash so when the Beatles hit the scene it was just what Americans needed.  They brought fun and excitement back into rock and roll.

Not only were they a musical phenomenon they were also fashion icons, lads wanted to dress like them clothing designers would copy their look.  They also transformed the record industry which was quite an accomplishment for that time.  They brought about royalties for artists and producers, completely changed the face of music tours and were first to film promotional films which went on to become the music videos we see today.

They all dabbled with drugs including marijuana and LSD which influence some of their music.  They played their last concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on August 29, 1966, but their last public appearance was on top of the Apple building in London on January 30, 1969. This wasn’t the end of their music though as their album ‘Abbey Road’ went on to become their biggest selling record in history. The time from Sgt. Pepper's through to Abbey Road were considered to be their studio years because they rarely got together unless to record.

The Beatles became true legends and they will always be the greatest rock 'n' roll band in history. If your still a fan and can’t get enough of the fab four then you should go on the Beatles tour of London.  You can see the sudio where the beatles recorded Hey Jude and Dear Prudence.  You can stop by the art gallery where John met his true love Yoko Ono and where they played their rooftop session.  Also on the tour is the London home Paul McCartney has lived in since the 1960’s.  A tour of the Beatles wouldn’t be complete without a visiting the famous Abbey Road studios where you can get a picture on the most famous zebra crossing in the world!

For more information on the Beatles Tour of London or other London Tours check out Brit Movie Tours.