Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Domestic Abuse hits the news today...

The news today highlights that domestic abuse is still rife and that the home can be a dangerous place especially for young women. In 2010 100 women were killed by partners and 21 men died. Now reviews are going to be carried out after every death.

This sounds positive but I think more should be done to educate people. I myself was a victim of abuse with my first boyfriend. From 16-17 I suffered from his drunken outbursts which were always followed with an apology and promises that it was the last time! I was young naive, in love (so I thought) and thought I must have provoked it. Then two things happened. He broke my collar bone for one. Then one night I heard my boyfriends mother getting a beating off his dad! I then realised my boyfriend was just doing what he had seen or heard himself. This seemed normal to him. My father never hit my mother so this was all new to me and terribly frightening at the time. This made me leave and never look back. I have not been in an abusive relationship since, however mental abuse is just as damaging, but that's another story for another time.

Abuse has always gone on and always will, but we need to educate children from a young age that its not ok, and that it should be reported and dealt with swiftly. 

Monday, 11 April 2011


Everyone should be on facebook. It is just brilliant. Some buisiness don't bother with facebook and I keep trying to convince them without luck. Some businesses seem to be stuck in the dark ages not willing to try new technology..

Here is a Nottingham Letting Agent facebook page.