Monday, 6 March 2017

Traditional Tours UK

Traditional Tours UK is a new venture for Lewis Swan,Val Blackburn and Chris Jeffery. Following on from the success of Brit Movie Tours, which was started by Lewis Swan in 2009, Traditional Tours is his new sister venture. Traditional Tours offers traditional sightseeing tours, some walking, some bus and small vehicle tours in various locations across the UK including London, Cardiff, Leeds, Edinburgh and Belfast.

It seemed like a natural progression for Lewis. More and more people were asking for general sightseeing tours, tours that you couldn't really class as 'Movie Tours'. This is why Traditional Tours UK was born. It made perfect sense setting up Traditional Tours so they can now offer more general  UK Tours for the public to enjoy and keep them all under one roof as it were.

Brit Movie ToursBrit Movie Tours quickly become one of the leading specialist tour operators in the UK and it's down to the founder Lewis. I started working for Lewis back in 2011 and over the years have helped him with his website and ranking tours in google. He has a good team who all work hard at providing quality tours. I like to think I have a good instinct about people and I was right with Lewis. As soon as I spoke to him and met him I could tell I could help him and his business. I got the impressions he was an ethical type man and business person. He was prepared to work hard and understood it takes a number of factors for a website to rank high in google.  He understood the importance of social media and reviews and had a grasp on internet marketing himself. Online reviews are a necessary part of any tour company's marketing strategy and the only way to get good reviews is to provide a great service. You only have to look at the percentage of good reviews to know how well a tour company is run.

It's a new site in progress so only a few tours are listed at the moment. It has the same clean user friendly look and feel to the site as Brit Movie Tours:

Currently London tours available to book include a London Walking Tour, Dickens Walking Tour, a Quirky London Tour, Shakespeare Walking Tour and a London Underground Tour. You can also go on a number of Beatles Tours in London and one in Liverpool.

As long as the team use the same ethical working practices I am sure Traditional Tours will be as popular and successful at Brit Movie Tours. I for one will be right behind them, helping people find the tours they provide, happy in the knowledge I have been a small cog in the system helping people find, experience, enjoy days out, and making memories to treasure. That's what life is all about!