Sunday, 6 August 2017

Meeting my hero Andrew Sinclair - a very talented man!

This week I met someone totally amazing. Andrew Sinclair. He is a humble British sculpture artist with talent and skill beyond comprehension. I was totally impressed and in awe. I've never ever met anyone who impresses me like this man did. I'm so fortunate to say that I will be working with him soon. This is like dream come true stuff. I don't think he quite realises how big this is for me, to him it's just another job. Well for me it's friggin awesome. Walking around his studio I was in tool heaven. He has every tool and machine imaginable. As he makes large sculptures he has to make armatures in wood and metal, so it was like all my favourite classes at school in one studio. I didn't see a 3D printer though, that's what my studio will have. But I was like an excited puppy, it was just awesome. He and his studio was just like wow to me and what I visualise having soon.

I can't talk about how this meeting came about or what we are working on as it's confidential until the delivery. Next March I can reveal all. However if you follow me on my Facebook page: then you probably know as I have been blabbing about it for weeks. I didn't realise I couldn't. As I work in digital marketing it was natural to me to post about it. Plus I was so excited I've been shouting it from the roof tops and driving everyone including myself insane. It is a good job I am single as I have been unbearable to be around lately. 

When I went to uni many years ago I dreamt of being an artist and doing work like Andrew. I saw myself working in Madame Tussaud's and doing portrait sculpture. However by the end of the degree I was disheartened by my art, mainly because I listened to some of the lecturers and folk around me. Making a living from art is nearly impossible unless you teach is what I was told. I’ve never had a family or partner who supported my dreams. There was no way I wanted to be a teacher. There was no way I was going to make a career out of working for a system I don’t believe works.  Plus one of my computing teachers said if you want to earn money go into industry; if you want to join the rat race teach.  (I did a ceramics and computer science degree) So for me going into industry was the only option. By the time I left I'd found something I had a passion for and that was SEO.  I got a job in SEO and after a couple of years I went freelance and started running my own business which I still do today. Over the years I've had many opportunities to grow the business, get staff etc.  One year my account said I would have to get VAT registered if I carried on the way I was going.  This didn’t interest me as it was hard work and stressful to maintain that sort of level. Plus I don’t trust anyone so putting my business in the hands of someone else didn’t appeal, so I turned down work and plodded on.

Around 3 years ago I started to get back into my art and since then have been making and selling my art. My 'flower people' seem to have struck a chord with some people. Each year I have sold more and more and recently I've made some important contacts in the art world and thanks to them the dream of being an ‘Artist’ is that bit closer. I am currently working with two influential people. Andrew who has been doing this a while did bring me down to earth a bit saying just because you’re doing art doesn't mean all your worries are over. I get what he meant, basically it's hard to keep getting the big jobs that pay well, and unless you’re good in business it will be tough. He teaches also which again I want to do. He said that sculptors are great at their craft but not great in business. Well I like to think I am good in business so that part is covered. It's down to my SEO skills which have brought these two clients my way. And more will follow. My main worry is that when I am doing art all day everyday it will feel like a job and not my passion anymore, like what SEO has become. But like Andrew I want to teach, but I want to push art therapy. Making flowers at Coalport China Museum over the years has been my de-stress and therapy.  I ran flower making classes and the women couldn’t wait for my class and they said it was so therapeutic.  I want to do more of these and take my art to schools etc. I get such a buzz when I sell my art and get messages of joy from my buyers, or when I teach my craft and see people enjoying themselves and loosing themselves. I want that buzz of helping people but through art.  I know my little flower ladies make people happy and want this to continue.

So I feel like I'm on the crest of a wave. I'm confident that within a year or so my main income will be from my art. I'll probably still do some SEO work but I'd like to think it's just to promote me. But I may keep the odd client on the go as I feel loyal to some of them, some I've worked with since I began 10 years ago.

So that's it. I'm one happy bunny. Advice to anyone interested. I could have done this years ago but I listened to people who said I couldn't. Never listen to people who say you can't. If you say you can you can, if you say you can't you can't. Both are true statements.  Listen to your instincts and follow your dreams even if they seem totally impossible. Most importantly belive in yourself. Everything is possible when you believe you can. This is what I have taught my kids.. Anything and everything is possible, live your dreams and do what you wish, not what society expects you to do. Sod the rat race.  

Check out these scultpures below:  These are just a few of his sculptures on display ouside his studio. He has tons more inside, I could have spend ages just wandering around inside it.  Well I will be spending 2 weeks there soon and I can't wait.  He is building a sculpture park so soon people can drop by, have a coffee and enjoy his work.  Andrew Sinclair is one talented man and I feel blessed to be working with him soon. 

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