Thursday, 22 June 2017

How I stopped smoking AGAIN

So I finally managed to quit smoking AGAIN! I’ve been battling with the dreaded drug for a long time. I have stopped many times and for years, but something happens and I stupidly start again.  It's normally from bumming one off someone at first after having a drink.  But it soon creeps back into my daily life.

This time I used the NHS quit help scheme.  I did use them before and with nicotine replacement, starting on patches, getting less and less strength ones and then using the nicorette minis for when urges arise.  However the last time I never managed to stop using the nicorette minis, I just loved the cherry flavour ones.  But they stopped making them.  The mint ones were not the same for me. This was about 5 years ago when my father died of lung cancer.  It was at his actual funeral that I kept nicking them off my son. How crazy is that!  At my father’s funeral and I start smoking.  By the time the funeral was over I was in the shop buying them. There was more to the funeral than just the fact I had lost my dad.  It was a stressful time as my step brothers and family were complete twats to me at the funeral. Everyone saw it.   Usual stuff, over money, not my fault, but they were angry so they took it out on me and my boys.  But that’s another story. Since then I have been smoking pretty much ever since. Not blaming them, it was my reaction to how they were with me which made me smoke. I was weak.

Recently my asthma has been bad so have wanted to stop.  No, that’s not true.  I always want to stop, I never want to smoke, but the drug and the cravings are something else as any smoker will tell you.  Many people say they enjoy smoking which I think is a complete lie.  They are not being honest with themselves. To proud to admit the drug has a hold on them.  Who really likes wasting money on a drug that makes you age, smell, and puts your health at risk?

Anyway this time I went with Champix which is supposedly the super drug to stop the crave to smoke. I tried it last month without success, but I was almost smoking in defiance with my body.  My body wasn’t feeling like smoking but I kept having the odd one till I decided to stop the pills.  What it does is reduces the urge to smoke and relieves withdrawal symptoms, which it did.  The first week of pills don’t do much, but on week two the pills are stronger and you take one in the morning and one at night.  They do make you fill nauseous for a bit, but if you eat first or drink water, it’s bearable.  They say you stop somewhere in the second week.  

I decided to try again but with a plan in place.  I knew what to expect this time and I knew I wouldn’t want to smoke in week two as that what the drug does, but the habit of and action of smoking was too strong, so I decided to vape instead.  I have been vaping on and off for a while but only when I couldn’t smoke for whatever reason.

The plan seems to be working as I am on day 11, so the 4th day into the second week.  I stopped smoking cigarettes (well tobacco) on the 9th day.  I know its early days but I am feeling confident.  I have really got into vaping.  I actually love it. I know there is a lot of talk about how good or bad electronic cigarettes are, but I don’t care right now. As long as I don’t inhale nicotine I’d like to think I will stay off the fags. I am loving trying the different flavours and types of eliquid available. Currently I like Dinner Lady eliquid, and Vampire vape eliquid  I am vaping with Aspire Zelos box mod. I have just ordered some Naked fish eliquid from my favourite online store Electronic Cigarettes Co.  It’s the cheapest store I have found and they offer free delivery which is a bonus. I tend to go for the sweet flavours so it’s as far away as tasting like tobacco.  Let’s face it tobacco tastes rank!

So that’s it I am a happy bunny right now.  I know its early days and I have yet to have a so called stressful moment. But this time I really want to crack this and am more determined than ever.  I have already noticed a difference in the taste of food and drink and I just feel better generally.  But like I said it is early days.  I will do another post in a months time if I get the chance, and it WILL be about how I still haven’t smoked.  Some positive affirmations now...  I WILL NEVER SMOKE TOBACCO AGAIN.