Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Nuando Instant Lift and Bellian Serum SCAM - CON UPDATE

I finally got my money back from these guys but it probably cost me the same in phone calls.   So if you accidentally subscribed and didn't read the 'terms and conditions' and have been charged you CAN get your money back.

When you phone the women and they try to fob you off, ask to speak to there supervisor and dont take no for an answer. Lay it on thick. Explain that yes you made a mistake by not reading the terms and conditions properly but you believe they didn't make it clear enough in the advertisement which is mis selling and THEIR mistake.  Then explain that any legitimate company will put customers first and refund unhappy customers without question.

Threaten that unless you get a refund you will join the growing number of unhappy customers which are coming together to put you out of buiness.

I actually screamed at them down the phone and said I'll make it go viral and put you out of business!

Just to help keep this blog top in google for Nuando Instant Lift Con and Bellian Serum Con, Bellian Serum SCAM and Nuando Instant Lift SCAM, Ill say it one more time.... Nuando Instant Lift Con and Bellian Serum Con, Bellian Serum SCAM and Nuando Instant Lift SCAM!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

I am in the same situation at the moment. The numbers provided in the email to cancel my subscription no longer however I managed to find a number online. They have taken £84.71 out of my account and say they will not refund it.... do you have any tips on how to handle them when I phone again please? I asked to speak to a supervisor but was advised they didn't have any!

Many Thanks,


Cazamic said...

Hi Lynsey

I would phone your bank and ensure the subscription is cancelled. Then when you phone them back lay it on thick and call them an unethical scamming company. Tell them you wont give up until you get a refund. Say you believe their were miss-selling the product which is illegal and that you will report them or will help spread the word about their business practices.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carolyn and Lynsey
I have been scammed also. I have cancelled my credit card so that they can take no more payments. Santander have opened a fraud case and recommended that I don't contact the company myself until they have come to a conclusion.
I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks for blogging about it.


Anonymous said...

I cannot reach them on phone. I sent them email but no reply, so i cancelled my account and i report them on police. They without sending me invoices took money from my account!!! I was checkin they webpage and it doesn't say anything about further payment, just if you going deed down there is terms and condition. But who the hell reading terms and condition when everything what u have to know is on the front page. So the company fraud me, because wasn' t say anything about further payments and they have to mension this!!!!!!

Cazamic said...

Email them again and again with just CAPITALS in the subject. Send about 50 a day.. thats what i did. Here is their number:
(Monday to Friday 08:00 - 22:00 GMT)
Toll free number: +44 808-189-0495; +44 808-189-0374

rachel said...

Hiya I'm in the same situation but they took 160 from me 😒 I d tried all the mners and just keep getting a message in foreign !? Please help if you can xx

Unknown said...

Hi guys looks like there are a lot of us in the same boat.
They took twice £84.71 on 16/11 and my bank has informed that they took twice £89.66 on December 2nd.
Even if I wanted the damned cream it wouldn't be every fortnight.
The bank has refunded the cash and taken it up with premium products, but this is dependent on a resolution
With them
As Carolyn says keep plugging away
And share the facebook page to as many people as you can

Unknown said...

Hello Again
After writing a stinking e-mail pulling out all the stops I have just had a message saying they are refunding £348 + in 3 to 5 working days.
I will believe it when I see it!
They have given all the reasons why it's our fault ,so why the refund?
I also mentioned the facebook page.

Anonymous said...


I've also been conned but HSBC wont take it up as a dispute because I signed the the contract. Which bank refunded you as I shall switch from HSBC.
Also which is the best email to use?

Unknown said...

It was a store credit card. They had started an investigation and credited my account.
Fortunately as I said, after hassling them, they agreed to refund and credit card got the money back .
I'm glad it wasn't a debit card !
You have to keep hassling and threatening them .

Unknown said...

E-mail I used was

Good luck

Alex Sidney said...

heres the number 02033186515 but i didnt get anywhere!!

Alex Sidney said...

The terms and conditions are there. Dont think there is much we can do about it.

Unknown said...

Was it a credit or debit card ?
Fortunately mine was a credit card.
When we explained to the store they said it looked like I had agreed terms and conditions which I don't remember seeing.
I think what convinced them was that they took £170 two weeks after the samples, and then a other £180 two weeks after that.
The e-mail address I posted was the one I used. I have heard they fob you off on the phone.
Bombard them with e-mails and mention Facebook.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Hi all

I also got caught in this scam. Had no joy with the company or credit card as I had "signed up". However, having got advice from the CAB I was given information on legislation that clearly states the company must send information out that is clear about how to contact them and return goods. As you all know they do not do this-Once I cited the law I got a full refund. Get advice from the CAB as they now deal with trading standards and are very helpful.

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