Thursday, 4 February 2010

Windows 2010!

For people who are a fan of house make-overs on the television, you will not doubt have noticed how the window dressing is a vital part of the room decor. You will have also noticed how curtains and drapes are making a comeback. The recent trend to switch to blinds appears to be ending, mainly due to maintenance issues - they are difficult to keep clean, and cut out a lot of natural daylight. They are ideal in offices and public buildings where cleaning is contracted out, but do they really suit cottages?

People are also realising that net curtains afford most privacy, they are easy to see out, and difficult for people to see in. With building regulations ensuring our windows are a lot smaller (energy saving) then the amount of natural light is reduced. Nets offer the most privacy and natural light.

Buying nets on the internet, is an easy way to choose from the widest variety, and is very good value for money. When choosing a supplier, make sure you choose one that uses only the trusted mills in Nottingham, and has a good relationship with them. By dealing direct, he can pass savings on to you.

He should have a wide choice of jardinieres, voile swags, cafe curtains and tie blinds etc. A wide variety of designs and of course, all the necessary accessories you might require.

You should be advised on how to measure your windows correctly, how much you will need for "frilling" and what additional accessories you will need. Ordering should be straightforward, and delivery prompt

Net curtains are very easy to maintain, they can be washed, dried and up again in a very short time. They offer elegance to any room and total privacy. There are many modern designs and ideas how to drape them, and can make your room very up-to-date yet cosy.

Looking out of your windows in 2010 will be a pleasure!

For more information on Net Curtains and Cafe Curtains check out Mr Net Curtains.

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