Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lookin at the Past - Today!

What is it about man that thrives on nostalgia? We are all driven by the past - remembering how things were, hoping that we can all make changes for the better. History is what made us all as we are today, and maybe that is why we cannot let go of it.

We are all fascinated with our roots, and even more fascinated with how generations before us coped with life. Luckily there are many reminders carefully preserved in our museums. There are museums on practically every aspect of life, and the vast majority can be found in London.

The British Museum holds a massive collection of world art and artefacts, while the Tate Museum Art Gallery has the largest collection of British art dating back to 1500, and a collection of international modern art. Modern artists can learn a lot by visiting them.

There are still many people who survived the Second World War, and we never tire listening to their experiences. To feed our appetite, The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms will bring to life all the experiences that have been related to us. If we want to go back even further, then the Imperial War Museum is a national museum of war and wartime life since the First World War.

For those interested in science, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum are a must. Those interested in art and design, would be delighted with London`s Museum of International and Contemporary Design. For more historical art and design, then the Victoria and Albert Museum would be more to your taste.
People interested in transport would love London`s Transport Museum, and there is even a Museum of Garden History for avid gardeners. Nurses would be amazed at the Florence Nightingale Museum, and Arsenal supporters could visit Arsenal Football Club Museum. There is even a Bank of England Museum.

The list of museums in London is endless, but they provide much education and understanding and are well worth visiting. When visiting London, it would be wise to make a list of your interests and visit them all, making your visit truly memorable.

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